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Red Bull's marketing strategy: From the localization and then to an international Posted:2007-3-23   Browse:108 chinese Version
        11 years ago, the popular Red Bull drink around the world come to China CCTV Spring Festival Gala debut, a 'Red Bull came to China' advertising language, from the Chinese beverage market, more than a category called 'energy drinks', Golden Red Bull rapidly in China's best-selling blowing whirlwind.         After 11 years, the Chinese beverage market, relive A crowded disputes, but Red Bull has not pre-empt the competition, shrinking market share, more in July 2006 in Hubei Province has built a production base in the third, continuing the trend of showing the performance increase, to impressive performance of functional beverages has held the Chief position, and become synonymous with energy drinks be called Marketing classic.         Study of Red Bull's marketing Strategy in China, are competing for the sports beverage market brands types of strategic thinking, with non-general sense.         Localization strategy, the rapid rise of the Chinese market         Red Bull came to China early, faced with a completely blank market. For the present, many people point of view of marketing, it is a complete 'Blue Ocean', when the Chinese market, drinks are not very large, well-known outside a Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks, sports type drinks are Jianlibao, several major beverage marketing capabilities are very strong, occupy a wide range of their respective markets. Red Bull drink brands in order from those surrounded by the rapid rise is not an easy thing.         As a popular global brand, Red Bull Chinese style is very obvious localization strategy in order to enter the Chinese market, from its early promotion of direction can be seen many traces of its localization strategy. This is its first entry into the European market has a lot in common. The initial market entry point for Red Bull in Europe are Austria, in the brand development, the company described Red Bull's brand on the East to try to lower their colors, so that many communication that Red Bull from Austria. These statements curing in a variety of promotional text, become a brand Culture background. Because in Europe, innovative, mysterious, and only in line with standards of the European mainstream consumer psychology. This is the Red Bull understanding of local market consumption psychology of great power.         Red Bull China pre-expansion in China, mainly through a wide range of brand hinted strongly of media promotion, a powerful combination of the terminal-building, such a combination of not only has a distinct Chinese traces of brand marketing at the time was in line with the Chinese consumer reality.         Marketing in China at that time, extensive use of media and end on the ground pulling the air-driven marketing model, Red Bull is so.         Since the Red Bull in 1995 after the Chinese New Year Festival for the first time the ad appeared, to a 'Red Bull came to China' to inform all Chinese consumers, followed by Red Bull will continue to occupy the position of CCTV's advertisement, from the 'car to accelerate and decelerate, I drink Red Bull 'to' thirsty to drink Red Bull, tired and sleepy even drink Red Bull ', a large number of air driven prime-time ad, coupled with the ground terminal building, Red Bull in a very short period of time to build the country's agency distribution system, in various places the rapid expansion of the market, occupying most cities in China.         So Red Bull in just a year or two years, motor vehicle drivers, night show entertainment people, often stays up late working, teenagers, sports enthusiasts have become a loyal consumer group Red Bull. Red Bull in one fell swoop became functional beverage brand, enjoys a high reputation in China, so later on there a lot of imitation and even fake Red Bull drinks, such as: blue lion, Taurus, Red Taurus, Gold Red Bull and so on....
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