Red Bull

Topics: Red Bull, Energy drink, Krating Daeng Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: July 25, 2013

Question 1 (Why do I think Red Bull is the top energy drink in the world ) INTRODUCTION
Marketing is the process of planning, designing ,pricing and distributing ideas, goods and services in order to satisfy customer needs and generate revenue and make profit were selling is the process of transferring the ownership of goods or delivering service to customers and this is the way of exchange for mutual benefit of seller and buyer. In this case our main focus is to discover how Red bull is the top energy drink in the world . I think Red Bull is the top energy drink in the world because Red Bull is targeted at three main groups of people: the sporty, the party-animals, and the workers, each seeking the benefits of endurance that Red Bull provides in their individual disciplines. With a funky can design and an extreme promotional strategy. The origin of Red Bull dates back to 1962 where the original formula was developed by Chaleo Yoovidhya, a Thai businessman, and sold under the name Krating Daeng by a local pharmaceutical company . In 1982 the Thai product was transformed into a global brand by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur. In 1984 Mateschiz and Yoovidya founded Red Bull. They fine -turned the product and developed a unique marketing concept and started selling Red Bull product on an Austrian Market in 1987. Red Bulls growth strategy has always been about the way they market their product, and who they are directing their advertisements to. Red bull is not only an energy drink but the most popular energy drink in the world and a very successful publishing empire. The company slogan is "Red Bull gives you wings" and the product is marketed through sports team ownership, celebrity endorsements, and advertising events and music, through its record label “Red Bull Records”. Since then, Red Bull has launched a range of products, including Red Bull Cola in 2008 and Red Bull Energy Shots in 2009. The same high...

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QUESTION 3 The elements of Micro Environment Of Red Bull
Micro economics is called price theory as it basically focuses on the prices of goods and services whereas macro economics focuses on the economy of the nation. This includes gross productivity, unemployment rate, inflation among others . In this section I am focusing in both the key elements of Micro and Macro environment of Red-Bull .
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