Red Bull

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Red Bull Energy Drink
The Probable Side Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink
On University Students
(Does Red bull have any side effects?)

Brunel Business School
Brunel University

Executive summary:
Energy drink consumption is becoming popular rapidly among young adults and especially students these days. It has been 24 years after the creation of the first ever energy drink, Red bull, in Austria and Red bull energy drink is becoming more and more popular every day. Caffeine and Taurine are the main ingredients of the product and they have both physical and mental effects. This report argues about the effects of Red bull energy drink on human body. The focus of the research is based on university students and the positive, negative and the probable side effects of the product. Research methods included gathering basic knowledge with the help of books, journals and other means. Questionnaires were used to authenticate the views of people by randomly selecting respondents from the university. The first page of the questionnaire focused on the basic information about the respondents i.e. age, gender etc. whilst the second page was concerned with positive and negative effects of the drink. Moreover, this came along with certain limitations which included the scarcity of time, resources, funds and other human errors that take place while conducting the research. The research findings consisted of secondary and primary research. Secondary research consisted of negative as well as positive findings, being mental and physical effects of the product according to the articles which were surveyed. The latter was further ascertained with the help of primary research. A significant proportion of respondents preferred drinking red bull while studying and a comparatively lesser population considered during sports, night outs and none at work. The following information has also been illustrated with the help of charts. Concluding, the primary research discovered that the drink was preferred while performing activities which consisted of physical and mental exertion. Alongside came side effects, like stress.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------- 1

2. Problem definition and hypotheses ------------------------------- 1-2

3. Frame work -------------------------------------------------------------- 2

4. Research methods ----------------------------------------------------- 2-3

5. Limitations -------------------------------------------------------------- 3

6. Research findings ------------------------------------------------------- 4-5

7. Conclusion and recommendation ---------------------------------- 6

8. References --------------------------------------------------------------- 7

9. Appendices -------------------------------------------------------- Attached

Energy drinks are beverages that improve body’s energy by having caffeine, Taurine, vitamins, herbal supplement and sugar, or other sweeteners for sugar free ones. Energy drinks can effect on weight loss, stamina, athletic performance, and concentration. (Seifert et al, 2011, p.512) Red bull is the most popular energy drink available today, based on the official website of the company, Red bull is the most successful energy drink in the world’s market by selling around 30 billion cans since 1987 and more than 4.2 billion only in 2010, (Red bull,2011a) the value of the brand increased in 2011 by %4, and now Red bull is in the 93rd place of the top 100 most valuable brands of 2011 with the value of 9,263 million dollars (the value of the company includes sugar free and cola).(BrandZ,2011). Mateschitz founded Red Bull in 1984, he created a totally new product and developed an exclusive marketing concept and started selling the first ever energy drink on Austrian market in 1987. In fact Materschitz created a new product category...

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