Red and Black

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论文题目:A Freudian Psychoanalytic Approach to Julien’s Personality in the Red and the Black 弗洛伊德精神分析理论探究《红与黑》中于连的人格

The Red and Black is the representative work of Stendhal, the realistic writer of France. Since published at 1830, The Red and Black has won the hearts of readers around the world, especially favored by young people. Stendhal shaped Julien as an ambitious young man, which was a epochal character with typical significance. Therefore, “Julien” became the synonymous of careerist. As the first critical realistic work of France, The Red and Black established the psychological novel. It is a philosophical poetry of psyche and its psychological depth is far beyond the level of contemporary writers’ works. This thesis will interpret Julien’s personality from a Freudian psychoanalytic perspective, with an attempt to explore the inner world of the protagonist. This thesis consists of five parts. Part one introduces Stendhal and The Red and Black briefly, also the research background and research purpose of the thesis. Part two introduces the formative background and reasons of Julien’s personality. Part three is a analysis of Julien’s personality. Part four is an interpretation of Julien’s personality from the psychoanalytic point of view. Part five, a conclusion is drawn that Julien’s multiple personality is the product of himself, family and the society, which is the combination of id, ego and super-ego.

Key words: Stendhal; Julien; Freud; Psychoanalysis; Personality structure

《红与黑》是法国现实主义作家司汤达的代表作,自1830年问世以来,赢得了世界各国读者的心,特别为年轻人所喜爱。司汤达所塑造的"少年野心家"于连是一个具有高度典型意义的人物形象,已成为个人奋斗的野心家的代名词。作为法国批判现实主义文学的第一部杰作,《红与黑》开创了心理小说的先河,是一部灵魂的哲学诗,它在心理深度的挖掘上远远超出了同时代作家所能及的层次。本文将主要运用佛洛伊德式精神分析法解读主人公于连的人格结构,剖析其内心世界。 论文分为五个部分。第一部分介绍了作者司汤达及其作品《红与黑》,以及本文研究的背景和写作目的。第二部分介绍了主人公于连人格形成的背景和原因。第三部分对于连人格进行了系统的分析。第四部分利用佛洛伊德人格结构理论对于连人格进行剖析。第五部分为文章的结论部分: 揭示了于连的多重人格,主人公人格的形成是个人、家庭以及社会共同影响下的产物,于连的人格是本我、自我、超我相互作用的综合体。

关键词:司汤达; 于连; 佛洛伊德; 精神分析; 人格结构

1 Introduction1
2 The Background of Julien’s Personality2
2.1 The profit-oriented society2
2.2 The rancorous family3
2.3 Militarism and religious education3
3 Detail Analysis of Julien’s Characteristics4
3.1 Resistance and compromise4
3.2 Earnest and hypocrisy5
3.3 Self-confidence and self-contempt5
4 Julien’s Personality Structure5
4.1 Julien’s repressed id6
4.1.1 The id theory6
4.1.2 The revenge to the aristocrats and society -representative of id6 4.2 Julien’s releasing ego7
4.2.1 The ego theory7
4.2.2 The desire of self-actualization - representative of ego8 4.3 Julien’s sublimated super-ego8
4.3.1 The super-ego theory8
4.3.2 The worship of the heroism- representative of superego9 5 Conclusion10

A Freudian Psychoanalytic Approach to Julien’s
Personality in the Red and the Black

1 Introduction
Stendhal’s The Red and Black has always attracted both readers and foreign literature criticism since it came out. There has been much discussion focusing on issues such as this novel’s social matters, the leading character Julien’s image, his two romances, the origin of the title The Red and Black and its symbolic meanings. Besides, the personality of Julien in the masterpiece is another angle worthy of research. The “personality” reveals Julien’s inner desire. It’s a desire of self-realization. Julien worships the heroism of Napoleon. He thirsts to accomplish great achievement, and gain glory and fortune like Napoleon. However, Julien was born as a plebeian in Bourbon Dynasty during which the aristocrats and clergies took the reins. In order to ascend to the upper class, Julien has paid tremendous...

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