Recycling Persuasive Essay

Topics: Recycling, Ozone depletion, Ozone Pages: 7 (1878 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Chris M. Santiago
October 29, 2014
Language Arts 10
Period 7
Recycling should be Mandatory for Everyone

Would you like to live in a filthy atmosphere or do you prefer to breathe fresh air? You decide. Recycling is the act of collecting, separating and recreating used materials into new products. Not everyone recycles for various reasons, either they are too lazy or they just don’t care about the environment. “United States recycles about thirty-two percent of its waste today” ("Recycling Statistics”). Recycling should be enforced as a law in order to keep a healthy environment. People don’t care if they litter due to the fact that they will eventually get old and die, this type of people are careless about the future. “Each person produces 4.6 lbs. of trash per day in the United States” ("Recycling Statistics”). Recycling is one of the best ways that people can do to help save resources in our everyday life. People are unaware of the damage that’s been done in our environment due to the deficient of recycling, we should recycle for various reasons; landfills are dangerous to our health, recycling saves money and the ozone layer is deteriorating. To begin with, landfills are treacherous to both our health and environment. Recycling can reduce the chances of trash being thrown into landfills and lessen both air and water pollution. Not all the waste that’s thrown away is recyclable, but recycling a small amount of trash can make a change in our environment. Landfills are composed of tons of trash mixed together creating toxic gases, which can lead to major health risks for people that live near landfills. “The new study examined the occurrence of seven kinds of cancer among men and women living near thirty-eight landfills where naturally occurring landfill gas is thought to be escaping into the surrounding air” (Cothran, 37). Living near landfills can also affect children health and most commonly their height. “The most commonly reported effect of living near landfill is low birth weight and small size among children” (Cothran, 39). Avoiding the use of plastic bag and plastic paper is the best thing to do because if we don’t, it will pollute the environment and fill landfills. “Only 10% of Greece’s total waste is being recycled and the remaining 90% goes to landfills” (“Recycling Statistics”). As said before, landfills are very hazardous that can also damage the environment. Landfills pollute the environment by contaminating the groundwater, its soil and producing methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas that’s stronger than carbon dioxide; these gases are to be known as the cause of global warming. The best way to moderate the amount of methane in landfills is to reduce the amount of organic materials, especially food. “Organic materials such as yard trimmings, paper products, and food wastes make up more than two-thirds of human trash. This organic waste could become useful compost instead of being deposited in landfills” (Allin, Craig W., and Robert McClenaghan. Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues. Vol. 3. Pasadena, CA: Salem, 2000. 1035-036). In order to keep our environment clean, we have to avoid landfills and recycle as much as possible. As a matter of fact recycling saves money than generating landfills. Selling recyclable items balances the costs of accumulating and processing items, making recycling the cheapest choice for everyone. For example, aluminum costs twice as much as recycled aluminum, because a lot of energy is needed to cut aluminum from its raw form. Items that are made from recycled materials can also be purchased at a cheaper price. As more items are reused over and over, it also reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. Recycling does not limit to your house, neighborhood, or town recycling is nationwide. “Texas Instruments recycles 81 percent of non-hazardous solid waste in its U.S. operations, saving at least 10 percent on manufacturing resources each quarter,...

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