Recycling and New Plastic Products

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Recycling reuses waste materials such as glass bottles, Paper, plastic, and aluminum. It has been this way now for years now and more people need to take more action in recycling their waste. It’s been proven that recycling our waste has improved our world to be more cleanly sanitary. There are a lot of ways we can recycle the things we have around the house. For example, glass from a Snapple bottle can be broken down and be put back together to make a new glass bottle. Throwing away materials is a growing problem in our country and is causing landfills to reach their capacity most are overflowing. Because of this, recycling is now used all over the world. One way that people can help is by sorting their trash into separate categories like glass, paper, and plastics. There are two types of recycling options that are carried out. People do not realize how important recycling is. The disposing of solid waste materials such as glass has steadily increased. This solid waste is being dumped into landfill areas all around the world. The space taken up by these overflowing landfills is now too valuable to be used as a dumping ground. Because landfills are reaching their capacity, many towns, counties, and entire states are looking to recycle as an alternative to landfill disposal. These days there are so many opportunities for young people to help in recycling and it starts with the parents showing them how important recycling really is. Recycling plastic helps to conserve landfill space and natural resources and to cut down on pollution. Since the number of landfills continues to overflow, keeping plastic out of landfills is important. Plastics do not deteriate in landfills. Therefore, plastic you throw away will be taking up landfill space for hundreds of years from now. Making plastic products from recycled plastic also reduces air and water pollution, and energy used for making plastics from raw materials. Recycled plastic is used to make products such as plastic...
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