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Recycling in Montgomery
Sonali Patel
December 17, 2013
Instructor Lisa Teitler
South University

Recycling in Montgomery
Imagine a world where there is absolutely no pollution. A world filled with luscious greenery and pure air. Does it sound like a dream? Actually, with the joint effort of people around the globe, this dream is on its way to becoming reality! Globally, people are becoming more aware of recycling than ever before, but it is still not the highest priority for the majority of us. In certain areas in the city of Montgomery, the curbside recycling pick-up programs have been discontinued due to the lack of funding from the government. This has unfortunately resulted in a curtailed recycling rate. The city is planning to build an advanced mixed materials recovery facility plant with state of the art technology (Recycling Today, 2013). This can be expected to be a very costly and time-consuming project. However, in this case the pros far outweigh the cons, as it will allow almost all of the waste to be recycled much more efficiently and effectively. Along with the city’s continued efforts in developing this project, residents can also contribute to recycling by incorporating the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) into their daily lives, which is important to both the people and the natural environment.

Montgomery is teetering on the brink of re-defining recycling through leading edge technology and long-term green investments. Recently, the city officials came together, along with the Montgomery Area of Chamber of Commerce and Infinitus Energy, and announced their plans to build an advanced mixed materials recovery facility, which will be up and running by Summer of 2014 (Infinitus Energy, 2013). In addition, Infinitus Energy has plans to develop the new Infinitus Renewable Energy Park in Montgomery (iREP Montgomery). In addition to creating 110 new jobs, this $35 million facility, spanning an area of 74 acres,...

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