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American Revolution Opportunity Cost NEEDS MUCH IMPROVEMENT


Match each item with the correct statement below.
a.|Common Sense|
c.|Battle of Trenton|
d.|French and Indian War|
f.|Pontiac’s Rebellion|
g.|Battle of Bunker Hill|
i.|Albany Plan of Union|
j.|Proclamation of 1763|
l.|Stamp Act|
m.|Declaration of Independence|

____1.The ____ pitted the British and American colonists against the French and their Native American allies.

____2.A ____ is a group of armed citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency.

____3.During ____, Native Americans in the Great Lakes region fought against the British.

____4.King George issued the ____ to close the region west of the Appalachians to colonial settlement.

____5.The ____ placed a tax on colonial newspapers and other printed materials.

____6.Thomas Paine wrote ____ to urge colonists to break from Britain.

____7.The four sections of the ____ explained why the colonies should cut their ties to Britain.

____8.A ____ is a foreign soldier hired to fight a war.

____9.The ____ was fought on Christmas night, 1776.

____10.A ____ is a naval action designed to isolate an area from outside contact.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


____11.The French and Indian War led to
a.|a massive migration to Canada.|
b.|a weakening of colonial loyalty to Britain.|
c.|the end of Britain’s involvement in colonial affairs.|
d.|an increased colonial dependence on Britain.|

____12.The Revolutionary War began with the
a.|Battle of Saratoga.|
b.|Battle of Trenton.|
c.|Battles of Lexington and Concord.|
d.|Battle of Bunker Hill.|

____13.The Americans won the Revolutionary War mainly because a.|their armies were better trained and disciplined than the British.| b.|British arms were inferior to American arms.|
c.|they had the determination to outlast the British.|
d.|the American navy was superior to the British navy.|

____14.What was a major advantage of the American side in the Revolutionary War? a.|Patriot forces were fighting on their own territory.|
b.|British forces were not well equipped.|
c.|Americans had a well-supplied, stable, and effective fighting force.| d.|The British people strongly supported their forces fighting in the colonies.|

____15.After the fall of Quebec, eastern North America was controlled by a.|the French.|
b.|the British.|
c.|the French and Native Americans.|
d.|the colonists.|

____16.One consequence of the French and Indian War was that a.|the colonists began to see themselves as different from the British.| b.|the British lost interest in the American colonies.|
c.|the British granted the colonists their independence.|
d.|the colonists allied themselves with France.|

____17.The introduction to the Declaration of Independence is sometimes called a.|the preamble.|
b.|the declaration of rights.|
c.|the summary.|
d.|the resolution of independence.|

____18.The Battles of Trenton and Princeton were important because they a.|destroyed the entire Brioche army.|
b.|boosted Patriot morale.|
c.|convinced the British to surrender.|
d.|led the British to believe that the Patriots could be quickly defeated.|

____19.The Battle of Yorktown resulted in
a.|a victory for the Patriot navy.|
b.|the capture of Hessian mercenaries.|
c.|the signing of the Treaty of Paris.|
d.|a Patriot retreat into Virginia.|

____20.According to the Treaty of Paris, the new United States would control a.|New England and all the lands west of the Mississippi River.| b.|all the land from New England to the Mississippi River and north to the Great Lakes.| c.|Florida and all the lands west.|

d.|British Canada and the Spanish territory.|...
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