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The recycle bin is actually a data dictionary table containing information about dropped objects. This dropped objects or files are still occupying space. This recycle bin can secure files from unintentional deletion. It can store and restore any deleted data/files on phones. This application can help in managing files.

The existing application, Recycle Bin Pro v3.3, for Blackberry phones can only store and restore all deleted E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memo and Events. Deleted E-mails are restored in Drafts folder due to technical limitations. In this study, the focus was to improve the functionality of the existing recycle bin to make it a worthwhile application.

* Unsecured files caused by accidental deletion of file/s on blackberry phones.

* Cannot restore deleted data/files other than e-mails, contacts, tasks, memo and events.

* Unable to preview information about the deleted file.

To enhance the application Recycle Bin Pro v3.3 for blackberry phones in storing and restoring deleted data/files on phones. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES

* To secure data/files on phones.

Upon deleting the file, a pop-up will appear and ask for password to confirm the deletion made.

* To restore immediately any of the deleted files.

Just a single click and it will easily store the deleted item safe.

* For convenient file management.

Information will be preview before storing the file to avoid confusion while restoring the same name/type of file.


The results of this study could help them realize that there are some existing applications that still need some enhancement to be more useful.

The creator/s of the existing recycle bin for blackberry can use the research as a reference for them to know what they should have enhanced about their application.

Blackberry users will mostly benefit from the study.

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