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Technologically, all plastic resins are recyclable, but recycling is limited by high processing costs and demand for the material. Local recycling centers accept various resins of plastics depending on local markets. If no market exists, a particular resin is not accepted for recycling and is therefore not useful to be separated.

The consumer role in recycling of plastics is to separate the various resins that are currently accepted by the local recycling program. Check with the local recycler regarding specific expectations and preparation of the materials, Some general guidelines are:

Separate and caps, lids, or easily removable labels from the plastic prior to recycling. Rinse containers
Triple-rinse containers that held cleansing products or hazardous materials. Triple rinsing involves filling the container one-third with water, shaking vigorously for 30 seconds, and using the rinse water for the same purpose as the chemical product. This is repeated two more times. (Some recyclers may not accept hazardous material containers...
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