Recyclable Styrofoam Tiles

Topics: Tile, Polystyrene, Styrofoam Pages: 15 (5250 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Background of the Study
Styrofoam is an important part of the modern economy. It's a very versatile product, used for cups, plates, and even some interior decorating items. Another very popular use is that of packing material. Packing Styrofoam comes in either loose form, or as "peanuts." As consumers, we use this product every day. However one has to understand that the utility of Styrofoam extends greatly from the common household purposes which we commonly attribute this product to. Architects often use Styrofoam in concrete form because it has air pockets that make it excellent as an insulator. In roofs and slabs, it works as lightweight and durable panels that prevent the elements from entering the interior. Whether it’s cold or heat, Styrofoam is an excellent source of insulating material. Even as an insulator of noise, this product is unsurpassed. Builders often use Styrofoam when creating a home theater areas or recording studios. Over the years, Styrofoam has managed to find its way into a growing number of industries as people become more familiar with its versatility and convenience. Architects, builders, home remodelers, and even homeowners use it for a wide variety of products and for many reasons. The shipping industry also makes good use of it to protect fragile items, or to prevent packaged items from moving around in the box. Moreover, Styrofoams are also gaining popularity in the recycling industry. A lot of investigations have been successfully done indicating the use of Styrofoams as an additive material to organic products like oyster shells in the production of ceramics, as well as in the production of glues and paints. With the known utility of Styrofoam to different areas comes the enthusiasm to probe on more avenues at which it can still be placed into good use. The researchers of this paper then thought of using the material as an additive ingredient to the production of concrete tiles and compare the finished product to the usual concrete tiles made without the addition of Styrofoam bits. The researchers also want to take into consideration the differing preferences of users when it comes to the characteristics of products such as density, thermal conductivity, or even texture. Thus, in this paper, they also intended to compare the characteristics of concrete walls using Styrofoam dissolved in gasoline as an additive ingredient. This paper therefore aims to determine two things – the feasibility of making concrete tiles using Styrofoam as an additive ingredient and the extent at which the characteristics of the products change if it were to be Styrofoam dissolved in gasoline is used. Such action extends to possible improvement of the characteristics of Styrofoam which has been proven to be great use in both households and industries. The possible changes on the basic characteristics of Styrofoam upon addition of limonene will enable prospective users to come up with a wider array of applications of the material.

Statement of the Problem
The research shall deal with the determination of the feasibility of making concrete tiles using pure Styrofoam and Styrofoam dissolved in gasoline as additive ingredients. The characteristics of the produced concrete walls shall also be determined and compared. Characteristics that shall be determined include the products’ color, density, texture, durability, and thermal conductivity. Concrete tiles without the addition of Styrofoam will be used as the controlled set-up while the two set-ups with both pure Styrofoam and the ones dissolved in gasoline shall be the experimental groups. The following questions shall be answered at end of the investigation: 1. What are the characteristics of controlled group?

2. What are the characteristics of the experimental groups? 3. Is there a significant difference on the characteristics of all...

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