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Role of HR manager (Recruitment Process)
Harmandeep Kaur (1637958)
Personnel administration
Human resource management
MADS 6602 V3
Dr. Bahareh Assadi
September 27, 2013

Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening and selecting employees for an organization. Human resources manager have charge of this job mainly in all big organizations. Recruitment process includes four steps: job analysis, sourcing, screening and selection, on-boarding. There are various recruitment approaches such as in house personnel, outsourcing, employment agencies, executive search firms, recruitment services on the internet. (Core Function of Human Resource Management, 2013). The purpose of HR manager is to hire, train and develop staff where necessary to discipline or dismiss them. The HR manager not only manages the existing staff, it also plans for changes that will affect its future staffing needs. This is known as workforce planning.(the role of human resource management,2013).

Employer branding
Employer brand denotes an organization’s reputation as an employer. In other words, what people currently associate with an organization while Employer Branding is defined as “targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions of employees, potential employees, and related stakeholders with regards to a particular firm. The strategy can be tuned to drive recruitment, retention, and productivity management efforts” (Buttenberg, 2013) . A survey by Personnel Today reveals that HR believes branding is vital if an organization is to recruit the best candidates : An exclusive survey of 1,889 Personnel Today readers with responsibility for recruitment reveals that 95% of respondents believe employer branding is ‘important’ with 80% saying that it will become even more so . And yet only 25% of those surveyed have responsibility for employer branding (Kumar, 2010). Another research on the talent market...

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