Rectangular Patch Antenna

Topics: Patch antenna, Antenna, Radio frequency antenna types Pages: 11 (2872 words) Published: September 1, 2013
International Journal of Advanced Technology & Engineering Research (IJATER)

DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA USING METAMATERIAL FOR BETTER EFFICIENCY Gourav Singh Rajput, Department of Electronics, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science Gwalior, (M.P); EMAIL-

In this present work, “Design and analysis of patch antenna using metamaterial (MTM) structure” is proposed for better improvement in the impedance bandwidth and reduction in the return loss at operating frequency 1.89 GHz. The proposed antenna is designed at a height 3.2 mm from the ground plane. This design is operated at 1.89 GHz and 2.553 GHz. At 1.89GHz, the bandwidths are increased up to 29.2 MHz and 19.8 MHz in comparison to 10.1MHz of RMPA alone. The Return loss of proposed antenna are reduced by 32.64dB and -29.26dB at dual band frequency as comparison to -10.26 dB of RMPA alone. Microstrip Patch antenna has advantages than other antenna is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to fabricate and achieve radiation characteristics with higher return loss. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO is used to design the metamaterial based rectangular microstrip patch antenna. Keywords- Rectangular microstrip patch antenna (RMPA), Metamaterial (MTM), Directivity, Impedance Bandwidth, Return loss, Gain.

I. Introduction
In the recent years the development in communication systems requires the development of low cost, minimal weight, low profile antennas that are capable of maintaining high performance over a wide spectrum of frequencies. The future development of the personal communication devices will aim to provide image, speech and data communications at any time, and anywhere around the world. This indicates that the future communication terminal antennas must meet the requirements of multi-band or wideband operations to sufficiently cover the possible operating bands. The performance of the fabricated antenna was measured and compared with simulation results [1]. Moreover, we have also indicated the appropriate choice of particular metamaterial for different specific purposes like antenna size reduction and other mode modification-related applications [2]. The performance of a rectangular patch antenna array on a metamaterial substrate was studied relative to a similar array constructed on a conventional FR4 substrate [3]. In modern

wireless communication systems, the microstrip patch antennas are commonly used in the wireless devices. Therefore, the miniaturization of the antenna has become an important issue in reducing the volume of entire communication system [4]. In modern wireless communication systems, the microstrip patch antennas are commonly used in the wireless devices. The demand in commercial and military wireless systems is due to capabilities of proposed Antenna such as low weight, low profile, low cost, easily combined with design and technology, and relatively simple fabrication. All these antennas can also fabricate using CST simulation software and get very sharp characteristics. Proposed RMPA can be largely used in many wireless communication systems because of their low profile and light weight Microstrip antennas are largely used in many wireless communication systems because of their low profile and light weight [5]. The “patch” is a low-profile, low –gain, narrow – bandwidth antenna. Aerodynamic considerations require low-profile antenna on aircraft and many kinds of vehicles. Typically a patch consists of thin conducting sheet about 1 by 1/2λ0 mounted on Substrate. Radiation from the patch is like radiation from two slots, at the left and right edges of the patch. The “slot” is the narrow gap between the patch and the ground plane. The patch –to-ground-plane spacing is equal to the thickness t of the substrate and is typically about λ0/100. Advantage of patch antenna than several antenna is lightweight and inexpensive. The electric field is zero at the center of patch, maximum at one...

References: Volume 2, Issue 6, Nov. 2012
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