Recrutment and Selection in a Manufacturing Industry

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Chapter I

As we all know on the field of business competition is increasing day by day. In order to face the competition there must be an efficient as skilled workers. So in this situation the organization must give more importance for recruitment and selection of employees, in such organization. So this is a project based on recruitment and selection of personals by visiting a firm. As a part of this project we the students of 2nd B-com, visited “South Indian Metal Company 1(SIMCO)’, kulappully and we collect the related documents. Because the industry is accumulated with advanced technology, qualitative machines and efficient labourers. So this project report is based on the data collected from ‘SIMCO’. It is a private small scale industry.

Chapter II
❖ Identify the importance of recruitment and selection process in the business organization ❖ To understand the nature of recruitment and selection process used in the ‘SIMCO company KULAPPULLY. ❖ To understand the role and delegate different stags in the process of recruitment and selection. ❖ To understand the new method of recruitment and selection and their implications. ❖ To identify the barrier for effective selection process. ❖ To determine the main source of recruitment and selection.


Lack of sources of information is the main challenges that we faced while doing this project. So the project has its own limitation factors

a) The information obtained by us may not be used for long term purpose. b) The recruitment and selection process used in SIMCO may change due to rapid changes in the technology. c) This study is limited in one firm only


In order to prepare this project we had adopted primary as well as secondary methods of data collection. We conducted a field survey to study about the recruitment and selection process. For collecting the data we selected an organization south India metal company [SIMCO] located at SHORNUR, Kulappully and interviewed them and collected primary data. On the other hand we collected secondary data from internet and various related books related to recruitment and selection.



Registered office;PURAYANNUR industries SHORNUR
SSI register No;09/07/00380/PMT
Auditors;VKS Narayanan and chartered accountant, Tissue. Managing director;Pc Chithabhanu Namboothirippadu. Bank;Punjab national bank
Trade name;SIMCO
Brand symbol;lion
Established year;1935
Registered year;1945
Working partner;Sri P Divakaran
Office manager;K.M Parameswaran
Location;Kulappully 3 km away from SHORNUR town. Land;8 acres
Constructed building;company office factory building , canteen, workers rest room, watchman sitting room, workers and staff quarters etc Productspick axe, spade, and hammer.

The company invites deposits in the form of unsecured loans from the partners, for its day by day activities, and also invites deposits from outside, these deposits are used to meet company’s working capital requirement



Human resources are the key resources in any organizations. The success of any organization is depending upon the efficiency with which its resources are managed. Its all resources are ultimately managed by human being... identify the right man for right job is a crucial element for success. Filling the right and competent people is the focus of staffing function of management. RECRUITMENT is one of the steps involved in staffing process.

According to Edwin B Flipper ‘recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating...
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