Recruitmetn Matrix

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Recruitment Matrix

|Recruitment Strategy or Method |External or Internal |Appropriateness for Health Care | |Job Descriptions |An overview of the position with a brief |Developing a job description provides | | |description of the most important |guidelines for what is expected of health | | |functions. |care workers. Job descriptions determine | | |Sets clear job expectations. |specific roles, responsibilities, and | | |Ensures clarification of expectations. |duties. Job descriptions are specific to | | |Assists in determining training needs. |organization’s needs. | | |Give managers guidelines to hire, promote |Job descriptions help ensure an employee’s | | |and supervise employees. |non-exempt or exempt status because the job| | |Help support hiring, disciplinary, |description provides an accurate list of | | |promotion, compensation and termination |functions determining the employees status | | |decisions.  |that are in compliance with the Fair Labor | | |Help an employer comply with numerous legal|Standards Act. | | |requirements. |In regards to the Americas with | | |Provides job details such as education |Disabilities Act (ADA), if a disabled | | |requirements, experience required, working |employee is unable to perform essential | | |hours, travel requirements, reporting |function of the job, with accommodations | | |relationships, location, physical |employers do not have to keep the employee | | |requirements and working conditions.  |in the position. Therefore it is important| | | |that the job description clearly identifies| | | |the positions essential functions.   | |Job Fairs |A job fair lets health care workers explore| The health care field has specific | | |options while letting employers convince |educational and experience requirements for| | |the best employees to come work for them on|open positions, but many positions can work| | |a more personal basis. At a job fair, |in several different job types. Nurses can | | |dozens or even hundreds of companies send |work in hospitals or doctors’ offices, or | | |recruiters to promote their business, |work as a home health aide. | | |advertise job openings, screen potential |Some job fairs are targeted to college | | |candidates and collect resumes. Provide |students and recent graduates, while others| | |candidates...
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