Recruitment, Selection and Orientation Process at P&G Pakistan”

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Being a market giant, P&G Pakistan offers one of the best HR recruitment and selection process in the country and individuals selected through such a rigorous process are undoubtedly the best amongst others. I had interned with the Company this Summer, however, it’s always a good idea to share what you have learnt with others and I hope this paper will expand our knowledge about the level of efficiency MNC’s achieve in HR practices at Pakistan.

I am very thankful to Mr. Toshio Fujita for providing me a chance to write a paper about the HR practices at one of the most successful Multinationals in Pakistan. It really gave me an opportunity to express what we had observed at the Company. I am also thankful to Ms. Samra Kanwal, Recruitment Manager, P&G Pakistan, Nashia Mirza and Omer Imtiaz, HR Interns 2008 and Ms. Shehzeen Rehman, Plant HR Manager, P&G Pakistan for sharing the company data with us and making this report worthy of praise.

Onaizah Raza

2.Human Resource Function
5.The Process

Step no.1: Attracting and Recruiting prospective employees
a.Campus Drives
b.Entry-level training

Step no. 2: Selecting the Applicants
a.Online Application
b.Online Personality Assessment Test
c.Written Test
d.Screening Interview
e.Comprehensive Interviews

Step no.3: Orientation Process


The P&G era in Pakistan began in August 1991, with the launch of Head & Shoulders marking the entry of a $38 billion multinational into Pakistan. Today, P&G acquires an outstanding position in the market, being the market leader in most of the product categories its brands are in. P&G Pakistan operates on the “PVP Model: Purpose, Values and Principles” which help them design their strategies to operate under competitive pressures. The management believes that P&G Brands, together with P&G People, touch the consumers’ lives all over the country and that is why they attract and recruit the finest people in the country. This effort of hiring crème de la crème and building the organization from within, without regard to any difference unrelated to performance, has always been the main focus for each human-resource related decision. Currently, P&G Pakistan employs more than 275 individuals, all of which have reached their positions after going through a rigorous selection process, making them the best. Not only this, but the employees at P&G are a diverse mix of individuals, both in terms of gender and background. To date, more than 30 P&G Pakistan employees have been transferred abroad and are currently working on challenging international P&G assignments.

At P&G Pakistan, HR is a staff function and makes its contribution in the business as a business partner, a change agent, an employee champion and as an administrative expert in the delivery of services. Developing excellence in people and the organization is the key to delivering outstanding business results and people excellence is about ensuring that strategies are in place and the support is there so that people can do their job properly, that training structures are there to develop potential, that reward systems which motivate effort and reflect talent operating so as to attract and retain the very best people. P&G HR is responsible for activities such as recruitment, training, compensation and performance appraisal. As an expert it helps create and continually improve the culture needed to deliver the strategies of the Company and achieve P&G’s competitive success by allowing for greater empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity, and risk taking. •All recruitment is done at the entry level, with focus on the internship program as a major source...
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