Recruitment Planning - Case Study Analysis

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Drug test Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: December 12, 2013
The New Challenge
The new recruiter for ABC, Inc. was selected for a position to recruit several new hires within his first six months of being with the company, but the question arises if he can handle all the required duties or not. Carl Robins was energetically working on his first recruitment in efforts of putting all the new requirements for the training session together. Even though he was new at this position he thought he had successfully planned and completed all the necessary steps for everything to flow together well for the new hires. The New Problems

The main problems for the new recruiter began when he realized that everything was not well planned and scheduled accordingly as he thought previously. He then did not know if everything that he had planned and thought out would work any longer because of several different issues he came across when following up on everything such as: schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and several other outstanding issues. Nothing that he had thought out or what he thought he had planned seemed to be working out properly even though he had assured the supervisor he had taken care of everything. When the recruiter Carl Robins went to follow up on each process he then discovered that he had not planned everything as he should have. Some of the outstanding issues were as follows: •Training room was not available

Uncompleted Applications
Uncompleted drug screenings and physicals
Transcripts not obtained
Uncompleted orientation manuals

Outstanding Issues
There are several outstanding issues and key problems to how the new recruiter planned and proceeded with his recruiting process. The main problem that has arisen is that he did not assure that everything was scheduled in time such as the training room. He should have checked and scheduled the training room before the hiring and start dates were given especially to the supervisor. Secondly, there should have been...
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