Recruitment: Leadership and Development Needs
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Unit 14 Working with and Leading People

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Qualification QCF BTEC HNC/HND Business Unit 14 Working With and Leading People Assignment 1 will give learners the opportunity to achieve: Learning Outcome 1 – Be able to use recruitment, selection and retention procedures Learning Outcome 2 – Understand the styles and impact of leadership Learning Outcome 3 – Be able to work effectively in a team Learning Outcome 4 – Be able to assess the work and development needs of individuals. Learning Outcomes 1 To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: 1.1 prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff 1.2 assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process 1.3 take part in the selection process 1.4 evaluate own contribution to the selection process 2.1 explain the skills and attributes needed for leadership 2.2 explain the difference between leadership and management 2.3 compare leadership styles for different situations 2.4 explain ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives 3.1 assess the benefits of teamworking for an organisation 3.2 demonstrate working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations 3.3 review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals Task No Page numbers



Unit 14 Working with and Leading People 4 4.1 explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance 4.2 plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of individuals 4.3 evaluate the success of the assessment process.

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Unit 14 Working with

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