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In Human Resource Management, the meaning of recruitment is the method of looking or searching potential individuals for employments and encourages them to submit an application in the organization. The recruitment can be planned, anticipated and unexpected. Planned recruitment is where the organization needs the some changes in the organizations in order to develop the organization. Anticipated recruitment is where the recruitment being planned to recruit potential individuals to the organization. Unexpected recruitment occurs when there is a sudden change in the organization. For an example, in the organization, there can be resignation or death of the employee and the organization has to recruit a new individual to the job employment. 2.0 RECRUITMENT IN INTEL MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.

This chapter will discuss about the recruitment process that are practiced in Intel Malaysia. In this organization, there are four levels or steps are practiced in recruiting an individual. Each level has a different approach in recruiting the individual. The four levels are known as analysis, job description, recruitment and lastly is interview. 2.0.1 ANALYSIS

In this organization, when they would want to recruit an individual for a new post of employment(not the existing job), they will first analysis whether it is necessary to have the new post of employment and at the same time they will see the amount that is required or will be used up for the new post of employment. The Human Resource department will also make a report on financial and other analysis to submit to the higher level management to evaluate the recruitment of the individual. 2.0.2 JOB DESCRIPTION

Job description is where the criteria that the particular department prefer. For an example, when the marketing department creates a new job employment like marketing assistance manager, they will inform their requirement or job description to the human resource department. Then the human resource department will analysis or make report on the job description. The report is consist of the cost of hiring the individual, the amount that is allocated to the marketing department, Social Security Organization(SOCSO) and Employees Provident Fund(EPF) that is given to the individual that will be hired by the organization. The job description report will be sent to the higher level manager of the organization to analyze the whether the job is necessary for the department and the organization. If the manager agreed with the recruitment of the new post of employment, the human resource department will search for the potential individual to be hired for the job. 2.0.3 RECRUITMENT

In Intel organization, there are two methods that are used in hiring or recruiting the potential individual for the job. The two methods are known as internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is where the potential individual is hired in the organization itself. The organization will either promotes an individual that is already working in the organization or they will request the employees to submit an application to the job that is being offered by sending a memo to the employees email. If there are no individual that were selected or the employee didn’t give any response for the job, the organization will recruit individual externally. External recruitment is where recruitment of the potential individual is hired outside the organization. The organization will advertise in when they want to recruit individual externally. When the individuals are selected from either internal or external recruitment, they will have to attend the organization’s interview. 2.0.4 INTERVIEW

There are three stages of interview that are being practiced in Intel’s organization. The first stage of the interview is where the individual will attend the organization’s interview. The interview is mainly based on their knowledge and educational qualification. The organization will also see whether the...

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