Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco

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Tesco’s Recruitment package and Selection
Recruitment process:
The main steps of the recruitment process are:
1. Job design
2. Job analysis
3. Opening job position
4. Job advertising(Internal & External)
The job design is the first step in the recruitment process, it is a step about design of the job profile and a clear requires between the line manager and the HR manager. The organization formulates plans to satisfy the current and future human resource requirements. The job analysis is consisting of job description and person specification. Job description requires about the profile of the perfect job candidate and requires about the skills, knowledge, experience and competencies, which are essential. And person specification is an extension branch of the job description. It is a profile of applicant needed to do the job, including experience, qualifications, skills, interests and personality. The opening of the job position is a vacancy which an employer desires to fill. Typically, such openings are advertised in appropriate places and time, to ensure that the organization get the suitable applicants. The job advertising is choosing the way to let the internal and external people knowing that there is a need for applicants. The selection process:

The main steps of recruitment process are:
1. Reception of the applicants or preliminary screening
2. Employment interview(shortlist)
3. Employment testing
4. Reference check
5. Final selection decision making
The first step is asking an applicant to complete an application form, and then create an applicant’s list to selection in following steps. This is the next step by job advertising, assessing the application form or CVs according to the selection criteria. Preliminary screening is aimed at the collected applications to select out the qualified applicants to take an interview. The employment interview is a assessing the suitability of applicant for a job. It is useful assessing applicant’s characteristics as practical intelligence and interpersonal and face to face communication skills. The employment testing is the organizations use to aid their selection decisions. It is attempt to measure applicant’s aptitudes, intelligence and personality. The reference check is in order to know the background information about the applicants who apply the position. It is related to the work experience or personal information. The final selection decision making is the last step about selection process. After all the steps above, the applicants list is presented to the HR manager, through the assessment center, there will develop a final applicants list that is recruited at last. The recruitment package of Tesco

According to the case of Tesco’s recruitment, workforce planning is the business process for ensuring that Tesco has suitable talent to ensure future business success. It will help Tesco to calculate their specific demand for new staff during the developing based on the store-based and non-store jobs. First of all, the available position of Tesco is for three reasons: expending store needs, vacancies-leave or promotion and new types of position, all related to managerial and non-managerial positions. Tesco use a workforce planning table to develop their demand for new staff to satisfy the new store expanding both in UK and other countries. For the specific process of workforce planning, Tesco planning starts at the last week in February each year, and then reviews feedbacks in May, August and November. From this process, Tesco can fit the demand of the position which is open to the new applicant in such an appropriate time. For the sake of searching to satisfy the vacancies within their company, Tesco develops a scheme called ‘talent planning’ to encourage their employees to apply for an upper-level job, and the managers of Tesco will establish a series of staff training in personal capability. Moreover, Tesco’s workforce planning...
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