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Recruitment and Selection
Skills Assignment


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CPD record

Interview Notes

Candidate name: Anne
Date of interview: 11th November 2005
Venue: Meeting room
Position Applied for: Personnel Assistant
Department: Personnel Department

The candidate was punctual, dressed in smart business wear and came across friendly and confident. Anne’s vocabulary and delivery displayed a sound understanding of the English language.


Anne has mostly worked as a Personal Assistant for large companies in the City (of London), however is currently looking for a new role within a friendly and local company. Although no direct Personnel experience, Anne is currently a Personal Assistant to a Human Resource (HR) Director and possesses strong administration and organisational skills, for example organising a conference for 80 people. Anne felt these fore mentioned skills would be transferable to the position of Personnel assistant. Anne felt her strengths are her sense of humour and common sense approach and her weakness is getting bogged down with details.


Anne created a development profile for employees with a choice of 50 training modules. This also included employee records on a data base. Anne also took part in monthly tours of her office, making her suggestions on areas that could be improved on. Microsoft (MS) Office, particularly Word and Excel, is used daily, for example using Word to make amendments to a new staff handbook. Anne uses numeric skills when asked to check salary calculations. Anne displayed a common sense approach to the question about conflicting priorities, stating the need to look at what needs to be done first (i.e. prioritising) and emphasising communication.


Anne understood that her customers would be all Funworld staff and highlighted HR colleagues. The words integrity, help, support, efficiency and getting things right were used by Anne to describe what the customers of the Personnel department are looking for. (Getting the basics right was highlighted as the most important element.) Anne gave an example of when she had to deal with a difficult customer over the telephone and advised that she tried to sympathise and listen to the caller. On reflection of this experience Anne felt that it was important to try and do something for the complainant. Team

Anne worked as part of a successful team whilst redesigning an induction program. The reason given for the success was that people talked to each other a lot. Anne has no preference over smaller or larger teams as she has worked with both. Anne often has to cover other team member’s workloads and copes with this via managing her time effectively.

Anne asked if the Personnel Assistant is involved with recruitment and selection to which I replied yes, although mostly administration but may sit in as an observer.

No comment was made when the salary was discussed, however I would be considering the higher end of the scale due to Anne’s strong administration and organisational skills.

No comment was made by Anne when I explained about company benefits ie holiday entitlement and sick pay. Anne did appear a little interested, perhaps appreciative, of the employee assistance program offered to all employees.

Anne has annual leave booked for Christmas, which coincides with Funworld’s Christmas office closure and her notice period would be one month.

I advised Anne, we had a few more candidates to see, following which we would hope to make our decision by Monday the 14th November. I advised that we would write to her to advise of our decision. Anne appeared happy with this closure to the interview.

Upon evaluation of all candidates and referring closely to the Person Specification, I feel happy to offer the position of Personnel Assistant to...

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