Recruitment and Selection

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Importance of Recruitment and Selection_______________________________1

Methods of recruitment______________________________________________2

Internal recruitment

External recruitment

Selection Techniques________________________________________________2

Assessment centres__________________________________________________3



Unstructured and Structured interviews

What went wrong at Framley Engineering Selection? _____________________4

The solution to the problem___________________________________________4

Department manager training

Interview techniques

Legal requirements

Discrimination case

ACAS on recruitment and selection____________________________________6

CIPD on recruitment and selection_____________________________________7








Recruitment and Selection


This report will critically discuss the importance of recruitment and selection, its legal requirements, the different theories applied , the different approaches used , what ACAS guidelines say about recruitment and selection and the best practice, its impact on organisations, conclusion and recommendation emphasising on the case that is given to as a course work "Selecting engineers at Framely engineering". The report will also identify the recruitment and selection problem of the company and suggestions to possible solutions.

Definition: Recruitment and Selection, according to Taylor (2005) P 166 recruitment is "a positive activity that requires employers to sell themselves in to relevant labour markets so as to maximise the pool of well qualified candidates from which future employees can be chosen" and selection is "a negative activity, in so far as it involves picking the best bunches and turning down the rest". while Bardwell and Wright (2004) defines recruitment and selection as a process concerned with identifying attracting and securing suitable people to meet organisation HR needs.

2. Importance of recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection is very important activity for any organisation. If it is carried properly it has positive influence and if not carried properly it can lead to downfall of a company almost in all areas. Appointing right person at the right time at the right cost at the right time is a big factor and can make or break a company. It is important that you get the process right – that you are fair and consistent in your approach while meeting the needs of your organisation to recruit the right person for the job.

The factors that make recruitment and selection such an important activity for a company are:

· If unsuitable person recruited appointed in an organisation in the process he will not perform to required standards.

· If suitable person is selected and appointed will perform at the required standard. Hence he will be able to deliver the service customers and clients expect. A company can keep its customers happy and attract new customers especially in companies like Framely engineering as it is expanding steadily. Because the company is a leader of in innovation in its field and target a narrow market with offering special products it cannot afford to select and appoint unsuitable candidate.

· Getting the right person can have a positive influence on the companies atmosphere and can improve team working.

· The right people will allow the...

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