Recruitment and Selection

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Human resource manager organization
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Table of Contents
1-Brief narrative of the selected organization and allotted job4
1.1 Job selected:4
1.1.2 Explanation :4
1.1.3 Overall Responsibilities4
1.1.4 Employee Relations4
1.2 Organization selected5
2-Job description5
2.1 Job summary5
2.2 List of tasks statement for the job:5
2.3 List of KSAOs and their link to the job:7
2.4 Analysis: techniques used / required for analyzing the particular job and along with job design technique7

1-Brief narrative of the selected organization and allotted job

1.1 Job selected:
Human resource manager
1.1.2 Explanation :
The Human Resource Manager leads and directs the HR team to enable them to deliver a comprehensive HR service to the business.  The HR Manager proactively advises on best practice HR and where necessary takes a hands-on role in dealing with case work. The HR Manager supports the people management functions that underpin the business culture. The broad areas include: employee matters, compensation and benefits, reward, professional growth, communications and performance management.Similar to other department managers, a human resource manager has two basic functions: overseeing department functions and managing employees. For this reason, a human resources manager must be well-versed in each of the human resources disciplines – compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, and recruitment and selection. Core competencies HR managers have are solid communication skills and decision-making capabilities based on analytical skills and critical thought processes. 1.1.3 Overall Responsibilities

Human resource managers have strategic and functional responsibilities for all of the HR disciplines. A human resource manager has the expertise of general business and management skills. In large organizations, a human resource manager reports to the human resource director. In smaller companies, some HR managers perform all of the department's functions or work with an HR assistant that handles administrative matters. Regardless of the size of department or the company, a human resource manager should have the skills to perform every HR function, if necessary. 1.1.4 Employee Relations

Although the employee relations specialist is responsible for investigating and resolving workplace issues, the human resource manager has ultimate responsibility for preserving the employer-employee relationship through designing an effective employee relations strategy. An effective employee relations strategy contains specific steps for ensuring the overall well-being of employees. It also ensures that employees have a safe working environment and free from discrimination. Human resource managers for small businesses conduct workplace investigations and resolve employee complaints. Human resource managers may also be the primary contact for legal counsel in risk mitigation activities and litigation pertaining to employee relations matters. An example of risk mitigation handled by a human resource manager includes examining current workplace policies and providing training to employees and managers on those policies to minimize the frequency of employee complaints due to misinterpretation or misunderstanding of company policies.

1.2 Organization selected
ZONG is the first international brand of China Mobile, launched in Pakistan in 2008.[1] The company is often cited as China Mobile (Pakistan) or CMPak. As of late 2011, it had a subscriber base of 13.2 million Partnership with Manchester United F.C.

In October 2011, ZONG signed a three-year partnership deal with the English football club Manchester United F.C.. ZONG also made a television commercial featuring the Manchester United players Dimitar Berbatov, Rio Ferdinand, Darren Fletcher and Ashley Young playing street football with Pakistani...
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