Recruitment and Job

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This report throws light on the various aspects of a complete recruitment process. It also covers all the various tools like interviews and psychometric tests of how to assess a candidate in terms of competencies and job requirements. It stresses on the facts of end to end recruitment thus covering all the objectives, factors affecting recruitment and also on the procedure in a step by step process.



“The process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”

Objectives of recruitment:

* To attract people with multi-dimensional skills and experiences that suit the present and future organizational strategies * To induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company * To infuse fresh blood at all level of the organization

* To develop an organizational culture that attract competent people to the company * To search or head hunt/head pouch people whose skill fit the company’s values * To devise methodologies for assessing psychological trait * To seek out non-conventional development ground of talent * To search for talent globally and not just with the company * To design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum * To anticipate and find people for position that do not exist yet


Recruitment Procedures
Filling a vacancy
Vacancies exist for a number of reasons:
* Expansion of the business
* Retirement
* Leavers
* Promotion
* Death
* Restructuring
If a vacancy does require filling, the business will look for candidates – internal and external.

Unless a vacancy is for the lowest grade job possible, there will be internal candidates who are interested in the vacancy for promotion, but filling vacancies internally leaves another vacancy to fill.

Sources of External Candidates
This depends on the type of job to fill.

School Careers Service| School leavers for jobs and traineeships| Job Centers| A wide range, but mainly semi-skilled, unskilled and clerical workers| University Career services| Graduates|

Employment Agencies| Virtually all areas, although their most important areas are clerical, secretarial and unskilled manual employees| Employment Businesses| This is a legal term for an agency which employs its own staff and hires them to organizations on a weekly fee basis – mainly short term| Recruitment and Executive Consultants| Management and professional jobs|

Executive Search Consultants (head hunters) are used to find new managers or professionally qualified engineers and research staff. Agencies can find staff to fill short-term contracts, and Agencies will supply readymade work teams to organizations for as little as one week or one day for a fixed fee. Only the Careers Service and the Job Centers are free, the others are quite expensive, e.g. agencies will charge hourly rates two to three times more than the standard pay rates. Convenience costs money. In addition other sources include factory gate notices, newspaper and radio advertising and word of mouth. Unfortunately the quality of response is not high – many unsuitable candidates may apply.

Advertising the job
Writing the advertisement – key points
* Job specification: generally what are they required to do? * Type of person: experience and qualifications
* Pay and conditions: e.g. holidays, hours, pension arrangements * Place of work: location, if travel is required (and if so, how is it dealt with financially) * How to apply: write in or telephone for an application form? S.A.E.? * Depth of detail: guiding principles or philosophy

* Ethics and honesty: never give an over attractive picture of the job – the candidate will soon leave! * Placing the advertisement: Where? When? This depends on the number of vacancies, the budget...
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