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M2: Analyze your contribution to the selection process in a given situation

In this essay I will be analyzing my contribution the recruitment process in given situations. I will also be discussing my performance during the role-play of an interview as an interviewer and an interviewee.


There were five separate documents that I had to prepare prior to the interviewing role-play. The completion of the documentations prepared, credited to my previous knowledge on the subject and brief refreshing reminders that were clarified by my lecturer, made the preparation of these five documents an unchallenging task. The five documents that I had assembled, all had an individual purpose to the recruitment process. However, all key factors had importance to the procedure. The five documents prepared were the job advert, the job description, the person specification, the application form and the questions & answer sheet.

As an interviewer I believe the contribution that I provided was certified. I maintained the act of professionalism throughout the role-play, as an interviewer. The questions I asked the candidate were legitimate questions that may be asked in a real interview. All the questions I asked the interviewee were appropriate and relevant to the job role assigned for. I also stayed within the boundary of possible questions, arranging five open questions and one closed question for the candidate, which were all non-discriminating subjects. I was able to answer all questions that the candidate had to ask me due to the planning prior to the interview.

The interaction between the candidate and myself was flawless. Questions and answers were announced clearly whilst relevant conversations was communicated in a formal manner. As I carried out the interview I was listening intently with the correct body language. Fully focused on the interviewee I held eye contact for the majority of the...
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