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Recruitment is one of the important activities under human resource management function which impact most critically on the performance of organisation. It is very clear and true that if recruitment is done poorly in organisation it will affect in the achievement of goal. This essay discusses on some of the advantages and disadvantages of external and internal recruitment. It will identify the different methods that organisation can choose under internal or external recruitment and also merits and demerits of these methods. Most importantly this essay will discuss on how excessive dependence on external recruitment source by an organisation can lead to the failure of that organisation because of heavy dependence on largely unknown person.

Recruitment is the process of selecting and attracting a pool of qualified applicant from which candidates for job vacancies can be selected (stone, 2008). Organisations need to recruit skilled and qualified workers whenever there are job vacancies within the organisation. Human Resource (HR) manager need to perform different activities for the effective recruitment such as determining and categorising the organisation’s long term and short term needs, developing appropriate recruitment advertisements, following up the applicants to evaluate the success of the recruiting efforts, keep prepared to changing circumstances in the labour market and so on (stone, 2008). Organisations decide which type of recruitment sources they want to choose so that they can hire the talented people. These sources can either be internal or external. Both of these recruitment sources have their own advantages and disadvantages however organisations are admitting to failure which need to recruit constantly from outside. Organisations also have to take a huge gamble on a largely unknown person when they recruit employees from outside. In an organisation external recruitment is required to get the skills that the present workers do not have and also to get employees from different background so that there is diversity in the ideas and knowledge into the organisation (Kleynhans, Markham, Meyer, Aswegen, & pilbeam, 2006). Other advantages of external recruitment are that the pool of talent is bigger; outside employees are not the member of cliques and also new insights, skills and knowledge can be introduced into the organisation. Having said that outside recruitment is more challenging as well as risky recruitment source which may be the cause of organisation’s failure. Organisations which need to recruit constantly from outside have to face one of the big challenges and that is attracting and selecting new employee. Human Resource professional are always challenged to cope with the different needs of organisation when it comes to recruiting and staffing. HR professional are required to perform the recruitment and staffing in cost effective manner and also in quick period. We know that the success of the organisation depend on its human resources and management of human resources. It is very important and necessity of organisations that HR professionals are able to systematically review human resource requirement to ensure that the required number of employees with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities are available when needed ( Ryan & Tippins, 2004). So organisations have to recruit from outside the HR professional face this challenge and if they are unable to recruit required number of employees with appropriate knowledge and skills for the position the organisation looking for in right time, it directly affect in the goal achievement of organisation which lead to the downward growth of organization. Similarly another major disadvantage of external recruitment which affects in the organisation success and achievement of its objectives is that new employee adjustment and orientation takes longer and also cost a lot to the organisation. Adjustment and orientation is very important...
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