Recruit and select staff

Topics: Discrimination, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Recruitment Pages: 3 (515 words) Published: July 31, 2014
Activity 7

10/07/2014 10:15AM

What would an employer consider when determining future workforce requirements?

1. What type of work will be done in the future?
2. How will this new work be performed?
3. How does this work differ from current work requirements 4. What work/job roles/positions will be critical to the organisation in the future 5. How will jobs and workload change as a result of future technological advancements, economic, social and political conditions? 6. How will the organisation need to bee structured to support future work requirements 7. How will divisions, work units, and jobs be designed? 8. How will work flow into each part of the organisation? 9. What will be the reporting relationships?

10. What attributes of the current workforce need to change for the future? 11. What are the future work and organisational business requirements?

Activity 8

10/07/2014 10:15AM


Why is it necessary in the recruitment and selection process to develop and use appropriate person and position descriptors?

The purpose of a position and person specification is to set out the main features of the position on off and it serves several important purposes. A job description should:
1. attract appropriately qualified applicants to fill a vacancy 2. defines where a post sits in the organisation's structure 3. forms part of the legally binding contract between the employer and employee 4. can be used for appraisal or performance management purposes with individual objectives being based on the duties and responsibilities in the job description


What strategies can you use to make sure appropriate person and position descriptions are available for recruitment purposes?

A policy more likely to ensure staff outline person and position specifications must include a responsibility of all staff to: - use supporting...
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