REcording system

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Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction and Background of Study

1.1.1 Introduction
Nowadays the modern technology is widely use wherever you are. It helps to communicate to each other, to record safely, to enjoy games and more. The thing is we are in a modern days we should be knowledgeable to a technology were we can adapt to a different environment. Considering, that now people are conscious to spending a lot of time to process of their tasks and probably wanted to lessen the stress from what they encountered.

Recording system which is the strategy in order to perform tasks of the teachers to do their job but suddenly, the way in recording grades of the student in a manual system could have a human error due to stress also may cause of lack of concentration. The adjustment will surely hustle, and from that they will spend a lot of time which affect the grades of the students. The accuracy of the automated recording system where have a potential that can easy to adjust to a human error without spending a moment of time. Since we have now a modern technology such as computer, it is better to develop software that can motivate the knowledge of the teachers to help them to be advance on modern technologies in school. This will serve as a new form of recordings to respond on the needs of the teachers.

1.1.2 Background of the Study

The researcher conducted an interview to a school of Athens Academy which have a two department the Conventional department and Ace department where located at Hagonoy Extension Taguig City. The proponents ask for some problem where computers systematize can apply.

The very hospitable personnel entertain the researchers’ by Madam Lani Grace Lara the teacher and Coordinator of Ace department of Athens Academy she helps the proponents to gain some information about the old strategy where the computer can attach. Proponents notice the recording system of the teachers in Athens Academy is in a record book. According to her, the teacher is responsible to record the grades of the students and to think the record book is easy to lose anywhere and everywhere and yet no backup.

The proponents ask for a solution of some strategies versus old scenario from the help of computers. Student Automated Recording System “SARS” represents the recording system of education environment that use to a modern recording technologies to provide a very powerful tool for the development of the new society and to keep up with the changes in global economy that now occur in recording. However, the Athens Academy teacher’s benefits of the systems where can be secured to keep the records of the student. The Student Automated Recording System or SARS should be stand alone personalized and integrated application that will provide access for the teachers and administrator.

1.2 Conceptual Framework

The Input, Process and Output are the function to plan a system. The Input is a source of requirement to enter a data to create a program. The Process is the procedure that the proponents followed to gain information and the Output is the result of conducting Input and Process. Framework is the algorithm flow were the proponents followed to determine the most applicable tool to enhance the proposed system.

1.2.1 Input
The input of the proposed system needs a software requirement, hardware requirement and the people ware. Which include the software requirement are Window­­­s XP or Higher for Operating System (OS), MS Access 2007 for multi-user Relational Database Management System, and used for developing Windows applications. For the hardware requirement off course the Computer Process Unit (CPU)-dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher, hard disk at least 4DGB At least 2 GB DDR2 memory also Printer that produce the hard copy of records or documents. People ware where the only person that manage the system. 1.2.2 Process

The process of this study is algorithm used to develop the system which is Planning, Gathering...
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