Recording, analysing and using HR Information

Topics: Redundancy, Data Protection Act 1998, Employment Pages: 4 (2068 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information
1.1 It is important and necessary for an organisation to collect and record HR data for seven main reasons: Firstly to satisfy legal requirements, the Social Security and Income Tax Departments may demand information with regards to employees pay, also manpower returns are completed on an annual basis to regulate how many people are employed and what licenses they are on. HR data is collected in order to record contractual arrangements and agreements, although this is also a legal requirement, it is good practice to provide written particulars of employment as problems are less likely to arise when parties are clear about what has been agreed. Employee contact details are recorded and kept up to date as it may be necessary to contact them for various reasons such as if they do not turn up for work and notify you, and most importantly contact details are recorded for the purpose of paying the employee. HR data is collected in order to provide information for consultation requirements, for example, in the event of redundancy there is a need to consult with employees in order to provide information with regards to alternative jobs, pay rates and skills required as well as keeping records of the actual consultation meetings. In the event of a claim or tribunal case heavy demands are placed on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of HR records. Also health and safety legislation requires records of accidents and training records to be kept, as your organisation may need to prove that appropriate training has been provided to the employee. HR data is recorded for due diligence in the event of a business transfer, it may be that all or part of the employment is transferred and therefore employees would be entitled to the same terms and conditions as they enjoyed with the previous organisation. Accurately recorded HR data provides the organisation with knowledge and information to produce factual reports that may help...
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