Record Keeping

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Good record keeping

The importance of accurate record keeping assists in establishing a reliable source of data for each client. The initial collation of client data such as diagnostic results and initial assessments provide the supportive information required for the preliminary development of an individuals learning programme.

Initial and referral assessments provide an insight into a client’s previous learning experience, prior achievement, expectations and any learning difficulties which require consideration when preparing a lesson. Using these assessments a personal development plan can be implemented and used for reference and the recording of a client’s progression providing a diverse source of data for a tutor to draw upon when preparing for a client review.

The recording of diagnostics results, learning style questionnaire and academic work allows a tutor to inform a client of their progression and where and how their learning and performance can be improved and identify a client’s aptitude and ability for a particular learning style.

Continuous maintenance and regular review of these records is vital to evaluate a client’s progression and provide positive encouragement and direction. These records provide a means to recognise further learning and development requirements and aid in the structure of assignments which are challenging but achievable accommodating the client’s specific learning abilities and meeting the client’s expectations and aspirations.

The continuous maintenance and regular review of client documentation must undoubtedly contribute in sustaining a level of quality and commitment in providing a clear and constructive learning experience for all clients and ensure contractual agreements are met.

As collation and recording of data is a regular necessity for a learning centre the data protection act provides assurance to clients by setting out clear and concise guidelines for the...
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