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The purpose and essence of any records management system is the right information in the right place in the right order, at the right time for the right person at the most important is lowest cost. (Baje, 1998). In the health records, they use paper record management for any activities for record in their management. However, the issues of paper record management were discussed because it have disadvantages that need to be solved. After a few years, paper health record are used and now Electronic Document Management (EDM) will be introduce to replace paper record management. Electronic Document Management (EDM) is the system that has potential to reduce cost and workers to take risks associated with paper record management. Storage space for record is important and it is one of the most problem that happen in management. (Markgraf Bert, 2013) Hospital is one of the most prone to this problem and need more way to solve this important problem. The improvement of hospital medical record has issued guidance that covers both operational and clinical standard.

For deploying electronic document to improve access medical records have to divide into two department in the hospital, ophthalmology department and disablement services. To introduce the Electronic Document Management (EDM) to the worker and staff need to get training from Electronic Document Management (EDM) training. It is important to make staff and worker understand the introduction of new administration process required for support Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. However, cause are lack of the time, and relative priority, the clinical from ophthalmology department were not interest to go Electronic Document Management (EDM) training, while in the most of them received classroom training before live use began.

For the first few days, the department use Electronic Document Management (EDM) records, the clinical comprised a mixture of patients with paper-based records and some with Electronic Document Management (EDM) records. The aim of this mixed economy approach was to temper the impact of implementation issues in the first few weeks of Electronic Document Management (EDM) operation. Besides that, the mixed economy approach to minimize the increase in the time taken per patient caused by clinicians being unfamiliar with usage of Electronic Document Management (EDM) records, and support to clinicians during clinics, especially those who had not been available for Electronic Document Management (EDM) training before deployment. OPHTHALMOLOGY DEPARTMENT

From ophthalmology department, for preparation and scanning the record that will be there to Electronic Document Management (EDM) system is held for ensuring that material was properly filed within the tab structure of the paper record. In this stage, all images were removed and were scanned into the Electronic Document Management (EDM) record using the trust’s in-house scanning capability. To prepare and scanning need to remove records from ophthalmology, it maybe takes times around 10 until 15 weeks. But, it have a problem because records were being slowly removed from the library led to a more radical approach to the uplift process. Overall, the presentation of prepare and scanning is not good, the option of recalling the paper records and using Electronic Document Management (EDM) for new records is under consideration.

Using Electronic Document Management (EDM) in ophthalmology department allow users to zoom in on these images and, although these were scanned hard copies, the resolution when enlarged provided clear and usable data. But, they found the one of the disadvantages of Electronic Document Management (EDM) where the large file size of the high-resolution images. The disadvantages of Electronic Document Management (EDM) give impact to administrative processes where the hot issue was talked by users is production of small quantities of patient labels...
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