Reconstruction of the Civil War

Topics: Reconstruction era of the United States, Ku Klux Klan, Southern United States Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: April 25, 2006
There were 4 major factors that led up to the end of reconstruction. The first major factor was the Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow was used as another word for African Americans back then. The Jim Crow laws made segregation. Because of these laws, the US Supreme Court declared that segregation was lawful as long as facilities for black and whites were equal, a policy known as "supreme but equal". The second major factor was Ku Klux Klan Violence. The K.K.K. was a secret group formed after the civil war. The Klan aimed to keep African Americans powerless. The Klan was known to kill freed slaves just because they could read and write. The Klan demanded that the Freedmen's Bureau be shut down. In every county where the Klan was active, Republican voters stayed away from the polls. The third major factor was the Compromise of 1877. Rutherford B. Hayes was elected President, but in return he agreed to remove the last troops from the south. Because of this the last few reconstruction governments then collapsed. Along with the governments collapsing, all of the African Americans of the south's last hope for political equality came crashing down. And lastly, the fourth major factor that led up to the end of reconstruction was "Solid South". The African Americans faced many troubles when they were attempting to vote. White Republican Gangs would shoot at blacks and try to kill them so they couldn't vote. This was a major factor in the fall of reconstruction. All four of these factors played major roles in the end of reconstruction.
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