Reconstruction in the West

Topics: Interstate Commerce Commission, United States, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: March 1, 2011
During the time after the Reconstruction for the West, they were helped by the federal government with their economical development in farming, mining and other things that brought in money for them. Some of the most important ways that profit come in to the West was the Gold and Silver Rush out there and also railroads began to be built around this time too. By having the railroads, the mining and the farming beginning the economic stability for the West, the federal government placed some important laws and watched over them to make sure nothing happened to disrupt it.

Farming out in the West came one of the important ways of life because some of the produce that the East couldn’t make, which made many industries dependent on them. The Homestead Act of 1862 encouraged families from the North and newly freed slaves to move out there to begin a new life with over 160 acres of free land, which made them stay there for over 5 years. Even though water was limited and the weather seasons were long and dry, the families out there found ways to work with everything that was thrown at them and even the invention of barbed wire was created by Joseph Glidden to help preserve the usage of wood. “Together with families prices for their crops and the cost of new machinery, caused the failure of two-thirds of the homesteaders’ farms on the Great Plans by 1900.” Places like Kansas lost almost half of their population because of issues like these but people looked to international planting to save their ways of making money. The Russian wheat was one of the ways that farming families turned to when they thought there was nothing left from them to make profit on. With families having ways to make money out in the new Western states of the United States gave the government a great relief to know that they didn’t need to put too much pressure on the farmers to produce goods for the rest of the country.

The Gold and Silver rushes out in...
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