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reconstruction era

By nicolepike90 Feb 06, 2014 1016 Words

By: nicole alexandria

Reconstruction was a time period of rebuilding economy and society. The South had needed to rebuild their economy and society because of the civil war. Many people disagreed with the idea because people thought that they did not need this and that they should live in ruins. Reconstruction occurred in 1867 many people felt devastated because they did not have adult males to help around. This time period was for people to get back together after the war. For example the South needed a lot of rebuilding because they had most of their battles in the South and the farms and their towns got destroyed. (

Andrew Johnson was made the president after Lincoln had got assassinated on April 14, 1865. Andrew Johnson had no intention of helping the African Americans he wanted to punish the slaveholders in the South. He also stated that only whites who had swore on their loyalty and have been pardoned would be allowed to vote. Jackson Andrews opposed to giving the freedom to vote or equal rights to the African American. General Ulysses S Grant was the civil war hero and also was a presidential candidate. Grant won the election by 214 of 294 electoral votes. Most of the votes were from African Americans in the South.

African American men got the right to vote when the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified and became a law in Febuary 1870. White people who lived in the South had to swear in order to vote so basically the white people got their right to vote kind of taken away. The Fourteenth Amendment granted full citizenship to all individuals that was born in the United States. Some African Americans in the US was born in the US they soon became full citizen. Another right that was given was that African Americans were allowed to go to school and learn how to read and write.

African Americans lived a good life during this time period because they had got the opportunity to learn how to read and write. During slavery slaves were not allowed to learn how to read and write and if they were caught trying to learn how to read and write they would get in big trouble. African Americans were being murdered by a group called the Klux Klan. The Klux Klan group was created on 1866 they were against the African Americans. The Klux Klan group tried to scare off the Africans Americans from voting they also attacked white supporters of the Reconstruction. Poor whites had their right to vote taken away because they could not pay their taxes. Some African Americans did not get to vote because they were not properly educated so they did not understand. The Southern states made laws named Jim Crow laws this law stated that African Americans and whites are to be stay separated. They separated trains they had a section for back people and one for white people.

In this period black people have the right to vote and the right to learn how to read and write. In other time periods it was different. For example during slavery slaves were not allowed to learn or to be taught how to read or write . They also did not have the right to vote during slavery time. All whites used to have the right to vote during the civil war and during the slavery period now some whites were allowed to vote only if they swore and if they got accepted.( Apply Joyce published 2007pg 500-508)

Amnesty Act was in made in May 1872 this law was made to allow white Southerners the right to vote and to hold office again Fifteenth Amendment was made in Febuary 1869 this law was made to prohibit the state and the federal government from denying the right to vote any male citizen because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude Fourteenth Amendment was made in June 1866 this was made to grant full citizenship to all individuals born in the united states Reconstruction act was made on March 2,1867 this was made for the creation of new governments in the 10 Southern states that had not ratified the Fourteenth amendment Second Reconstruction act was made a few weeks later this was made to require military commanders to beg in registering voters and to prepare for new state constitutional conventions Black code was made in 1865 this law was made to control freed men and women and to enable plantation owners to exploit African Americans workers Civil Rights act was made in 1866 this was made to grant full citizenship to African Americans and gave the federal government the power to intervene in state affairs to protect their rights Tenure of Office act was made in March 1867 this was made for the president to not remove government officials including members of his own cabinet without the Senate’s approval (Appleby Joyce published 2007) Thirteenth amendment was made in January 1865 this was made to abolish slavery in all parts of the United states Events

President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865
President Andrew Johnson became president in 1865
Congress extended the life of the Freedmen’s Bureau and granted it new power in early 1866 The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees all citizens equal protection of the law in 1868 New York ratifies the Fifteenth Amendment in 1869

New York reverse its ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment on March 18 New Yorker Samuel J Tilden is defeated in the disputed presidential election ( Deverell published in 2010 page NY 11)

The event when President Lincoln was assassinated happened on April 14,1865.This involved Lincoln, his wife and Lincolns murderer who is John Wilkes Booth. He entered the theater in Washington without being seen and shot the president. The killer then escaped and later on got caught and when he refused to surrender they killed him.

Appleby, Brinkley Alan, McPherson James The American Journey The McGraw Hill 2007 Deverell, Gray White Deborah United States History and New York History ; Post Civil War to the Present /wgbh/amex/reconstruction/activism/sf_rights.html

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