Reconnecting Families

Topics: Love, Sun, Family Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Reconnecting Families
The final scene of Empire of the Sun illustrates the reunion of separated parents and their children to demonstrate the love and compassion families have for one another. The main idea of coming together again with your family is a special moment for anyone especially when families have been disconnected for a very long period of time. The feeling you receive when seeing a loved one after so long is truly phenomenal as it brings you to the realization of how much you care about another individual. Therefore, through the final scene of the film, it is clearly evident that people must cherish who they have in their lives and show their deep love for each other, as you will never know when you could lose someone so special to you. Yet, the reconnection of you and your family helps you comprehend this as you utterly understand that the feeling of love cannot be broken. At the start of the final scene, there are children playing with each other as a group of parents walk into the same room as the children. The minute the parents walk in, all the children gather together in one group, and the children start moving their heads, searching for their parents while the parents start searching for their children. The constant movement of everyone’s heads shows that everyone is anxious and eager to find their loved one so they can finally reunite and show their love for each other. Additionally, the first woman to reconnect with her child calls out, “Julie… Julie!” which indicates that the minute the mother lay eyes upon her daughter, she knew immediately that she had missed her greatly and rushed towards her to hug her very tightly. The tight hug symbolizes what deep compassion two people can obtain for one another, because their love for each other is unbreakable and nothing could tear it apart. Closer to the end of the scene, there are two parents that are keenly looking for their son, Jamie. The mother is the first to spot Jamie and she calls out...
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