Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product or Service

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Topic: Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product or Service

Executive Summary
This report mainly talked about a product-Pepsi. In this report, the purpose was compared and contrasted which 4Ps is better to the Pepsi and wanted more people to buy it. The thesis was compare and contrasts the Pepsi with the competitor - Coca Cola. So the report needed find some information and interview some people. The key finding was that SWOT and 4Ps is very important to the product. And the key conclusion and recommendation was the first 4Ps is better than the second one.

1.0 Introduction
2.1 State the objectives of the research
I would make a marketing mix for the Pepsi.
2.2 Present the context
2.3.1 Describe its uses and applications
There are many uses and application in Pepsi. The most basic use is to drink. Another uses is add some ginger in Pepsi, it is good in prevention and treatment of colds and this is enough to drive away the chill. 2.3.2 Describe the target market

Pepsi is a product in PepsiCo. There are four steps in target market: analysis of market, select the target, determine the market and marketing. And there are four strategies in Pepsi: product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and marketing strategy. The target market is for young people. 2.3.3 State the key success factors in this market

There are many success factors in Pepsi. First, the price is very cheap-just 3 Yuan per bottle so many people can afford it. And in 1981, Pepsi successfully develop the Chinese market and be the one of the business partner in China. PepsiCo established more than 40 companies in China and the total investment is more than 1 billion dollars. The employs are nearly 10000 people and provide employment opportunities (, 2012). So these are the key to success. 2.3.4 Give your reason for choosing this product/service The reason for choosing this product is that Pepsi is one of my favorite drinks. And the spokesmen for Pepsi are my favorite star such as Beyonce, David Beckham, Jay Chou and Jolin (, 2012). 2.3 Outline the necessary background knowledge

The 4Ps include product, promotion, place and price. And the SWOT analyses are strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. The strength and weakness are internal factors. The opportunity and threat are external factors. 2.4 Provide a thesis statement

The marketing mix was created in this report and made more people know this product and want to drink it. The hypothesis is price and the product of the Pepsi is two determine the choice of marketing mix. 2.0 Methods

3.5 Describe data collection methods
There are three ways to collection data. The first one is collected on online. The way is very fast and convenient. There is much information on the internet so we should choose which is better. Another way is interview professional people such as the manager of the company. Because these kind of people work in this company and know the information about this company. The third method is interview the salesman. They sell the product every day so they know the information that which product is better and which product people want to buy it. 3.6 Explain how data collection methods

addressed the research objectives
The data are collected the information of Pepsi. It is very clearly and convenient to observed. And in the report, I interviewed two people. One of them is a manager of the PepsiCo Company. Another one is a seller. So know much information about this product. And then, use this information to do some charts. Compare and contrast Pepsi and its competitor’s SWOT, 4Ps and analysis it.

3.0 Findings
4.7  Identify a key competitor and analysis its
marketing mix
A key competitor for Pepsi is Coca Cola. For Coca Cola, there are also four parts in marketing mix: product, price, promotion and place. First is product. There are many...

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