Recommending a Bubble Bath to Someone

Topics: Bathing, Family, Responsibility Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: September 23, 2012
When I was in my psychology class, my professor told all of the students that we had to take a bubble bath with a rubber duck. The experiment was for us to relax since we are so busy with our everyday lives and never have time to sit down and just relax. She made us (for a grade) take the bath and then write about our experiences. We were to have absolutely no distractions- meaning no cellphone, no laptop, no iPad, no music, and no children. We were to sit there with the rubber duck for an hour and relax so we could have our own experiences. When I did it, I had a rather memorable time. I started to play with the rubber duck and it took me back to when I was younger, living with my aunt and her family. My baby cousin, sister and I always took bubble baths when we would came inside from playing outside for hours because my grandma was always so worried about all the germs that were on us. We would be playing with the bubbles- blowing them at each other and the soap would go everywhere. Boy, did we leave a mess for our grandmother to clean up and ha-ha, she was definitely not a happy camper.

It felt great remembering all those silly little things that I hadn’t thought about in a long time. In fact, it was nice to relax and have “me time” period. It’s very true how people don’t have enough time to just sit around and have some time to themselves. I can only imagine how parents or newlyweds who just had a baby feel. It’s like you have all this time to yourself, you can watch TV, take a nap, go do your nails and hair and then all of a sudden you’re responsible for another human being. All that “alone time” you once had is now gone and your focus is around that baby that is depending on you to bath it, feed it, change it, love it… it’s a massive responsibility that you have to be willing to take on. I’m lucky because I don’t have those responsibilities just yet. I get to live my life, I get to go to school, hang out with my friends, go out to parties and just...
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