Recommendations: Project Management and Mp

Topics: Project management, Organization, Film production companies Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Structural recommendation
Obviously, the type of the organizational structure that MP used is Vertical Coordination. MP is a movie&record industry, so its product is relatively simple. Vertical Coordination is the most basic and ubiquitous way to harmonize the efforts of individuals, units, or divisions is to designate a boss with formal authority. In this structure,departments just focus on their core tasks, workers who have the same specialty are get together and seem to be more efficient. However, the MP's that being typecast as solely a “music” or “black” production company would limit the industry's opportunities and would leave the company vulnerable should the entertainment market shift. In order to achieve the company's goal of product diversification, MP needs to change its organizational structure. Matrix Structure will be adjust to MP's development because this form is common in the product diversification. At other production companies, executives generally had portfolios of projects which they personally developed. At MP, executives shared responsibilities on projects, often going to meetings for one another and consulting with each other. Therefore, although each project was the principal responsibility of a given executive, a number of executives might be working on the same project at the same time. Although this approach avoids the inconvenience to communication of each department effectively, But at the same time, it also causes the confusion of management and division of unbalance. So my recommendation is as follow: Unless getting the agreement from the meeting, the executives of each department are just focus on their cases. Structural Recommendation Critique

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