Recommendations for a Travel Agency

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Indian Tour Operators
Analysis of Customized Tour Services

Submitted By: Sumedha Bhardwaj (32156) Sonal Bhat (32157) Bhavika Mehta (32227) Esheet Modi (32228) Mahim Mongia (32229) Jyoti Saxena (32241)

1. Executive Summary 2. Analysis Approach 3. Competency Model for Tourism Agents 4. Field Research: Onsite Mystery Shopping 5. Problems: People and Processes 6. Solutions and Evaluation of Alternatives 7. Recommendations 8. Conclusion

Executive Summary
Customized Tours form an important part of the services offered by leading travel companies. Though the level of expertise in the group tours space is very good, customized tours because of their very complex nature, require a great deal of travel agent involvement. This requires competent and motivated travel agent workforce very responsive to customer needs. This space has been facing problem on three fronts: people, processes and systems to execute a customer order. The analysis would be focussing on People and Processes part of such agencies. This report would discuss the approach of analysis, suggest competency model as a basis to evaluate people problems as well as a reference for recruitment and training, enlist insights gathered from mystery shopping, identify the problems based on this primary research and recommend set of solutions which can be implemented for both people and processes. The client can choose a combination of solutions for various sub headings according to what is feasible and suitable to him. It has been consciously tried to recommend a solution which is easy to implement, requires minimal changes in the organization, involves minimal or no cost and practically possible. One of the main assumptions in the analysis is that management policy promotes ‘customer first’ philosophy and lays stress on human resources.

- Recruitment - Training - Performance Appraisal

Customized Tours

- Information Management - Hub and Spoke Model

- Process Streamlining

Scope of the Analysis

Analysis Approach
Travel Companies Visited: Kesari, Girikand, Cox and Kings, Kuoni Location: EGYPT Duration: 10 days, flexible up to 12-14, in end March Approach:           Mention requirement as honeymoon package for gifting to your brother on his marriage Egypt DEFINITELY, Spain and Portugal TENTATIVE (Observe if they catch the clue) Need to make it special (Observe if they catch the clue) Add ODD destinations: Red Sea Coast, Sakkarah, Siwa Oasis Ask specifically about VISA, Money, Veg Food, Travel within Egypt, Airlines, 5* Hotel Rate the experience with people on a scale of 1-5 in the competency model excel sheet Based on weighted score, get a consolidated score for each travel company under each competency Draw correlation conclusion between actual company performance and the consolidated score Identify the problems based on the research and quantitative analysis Devise possible solutions and recommend an appropriate combination

Setting questionaire and field research (Mystery Shopping)

Setting Competency Framework (For evaluation of each company)

Correlation analysis

Problem identification

Revisiting the best experience company for insights

Recommend possible solutions

Competency Model for Tourism Agents
Competency framework plays an important role in all aspects of talent management: talent acquisition, talent development, performance management and talent separation. A good competency framework, thus, should strengthen the various talent management processes. Managers can leverage the competency framework while bringing out job descriptions. Competency Model designed for this analysis contains 3 broad competency areas Competency Area Behavioural Description Often referred to as "soft skills"; represent personal attributes Weightage 0.3


Basic academic knowledge 0.5 and skills required in tourism industry General managerial skills required for the...
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