Recommendation: a Child Called It

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Torture Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 7, 2011

The book I read throughout the semester was,
A child called it , by Dave Pelzer.

I would recommend, A child called it, because it:

It focuses on an abused child’s ability to endure physical and emotional abuse.
Dave was tortured by his alcoholic mother. Beginning at a very young age, he received physical and also emotional abuse. From age 3-12, Dave was treated like an animal. He was forced to sleep in the basement. Many times, his mother starved him. When he was able to eat, he was only allowed to eat the scraps his family left him. One time, his mother made him drink ammonia when she found out he’d been eating out the garbage can. She even broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder. Dave, going through this type of torture, ultimately took a lot of endurance.

It shows how a child can be elevated and grow from a terrible situation
Although Dave was abused badly by his mother, he was able to be elevated from that situation and into a better situation and a better life. As Dave grew into an adult, still tormented from his past, he was able to have enough strength to share his story with the world. Most people are unable to be as courageous as Dave and that’s why I feel that people should read this book and see how Dave is able to come out of a bad situation and live life and prosper.

I, however, wouldn’t recommend it because of the sadness that’s displayed.
The book is overall very depressing and some people may unfortunately feel this book is unbearable by the way Daves mother treats him. Although it made me feel more appreciative toward my life and thankful that I was never in his situation, It really put me in an uncomfortable mood because of the sadness that it brings. It saddens me that people actually go through situations similar to daves; however, I’m pleased at the same time to know that there is a way out.
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