Recommendation Letter for Adoption

Topics: Family, Sibling, Marriage Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: May 10, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Becky Fernandez and I am writing this letter to recommend my longtime friend, Erica Garcia and her husband, Anthony Garcia to become adoptive parents.

I have known Erica for over 20 years. We first met when we both attended our first day of elementary. Our friendship has had its ups and downs but has grown throughout the years. Erica is very loving, patient, selfless and can relate to kids easily. Erica always puts what others want and need ahead of her own. She enjoys cooking, swimming, fishing, and getting away with her loved ones.

Erica has always taken care of her parents and grandparents whenever they become ill. Erica’s grandparents have been married for 64 years and her parents have been married for 30. They have set great examples for her and Anthony to live up to. I have never met anyone like her in my life and I would never trade our friendship for the world. Her compassion for caring for others helped her make a decision to be a part of the medical field. Erica became a registered nurse to care for people and while working she has been attending school to become a Nurse Practitioner, which she will be finishing up with her degree this semester.

I met Erica’s husband, Anthony about 8 years ago when he was a senior in college. I could not imagine anyone better than him for my friend. Anthony is the most lovable and caring person I have ever met. I don’t think I have ever met someone that is so dedicated to the people in his life. He shows his wife and daughter how much he loves and it feels good to be able to see all the love he has for them. He has worked as a Registered nurse for Valley Baptist Medical Center for the past 7 years in the Pediatric unit.

When Erica and Anthony married 5 years ago they were blessed with a 3 year old daughter Sarah but due to medical reasons they haven’t been able to conceive another child. They decided what better way to become parents again then to adopt...
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