recomendations on mr burger marketing strategy

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It was found by our comprehensive market research that the 4 P’s of marketing are the most vital elements for Mr Burger . The customers looks to select fast food restaurant which gives the best value for money. The one that has the best quality of food, the most well priced , the one that has excellent ambiance and surroundings, the one that is most convenient to go to and the one that is recognized as a strong brand that gives the maximum facilities to the customers.

The first thing that is important for Mr Burger is to provide the right quality and type of food to the customers. It is vital that they enhance their menu add additions to the existing menu they have , they can hire international experts to develop food items that gives the customer the taste they most desire . The menu can be further elaborated by introducing non-burger fast food items hugely demanded by the local population . i.e pizzas sandwiches and broast . By introducing these items they will ensure that they are present in wide variety of fast food categories and it will also give the customer a sense of satisfaction as they would have a vast variety and option to choose from when they go to Mr Burger. The other thing that could be done is to make products that are supplementary to the main meals. Excellent variety of shakes , deserts , sidelines like fries and some other ,different’ variety maybe some international item could be introduced like prawns or nuggets could go along very well. In our research we found that a strong competitor of Mr burger, MC Donald’s is vastly liked by customers due to its supplementary items such as the its fries and the Arabian rice and also KFC has high demand for its nuggets as a side line item after broast and its burger. Mr Burger can hire experts that develop the right mix of ingredients that suit the taste of local population. WE found that the local population avoids very greasy, salty and oily fast food items specially burgers ,which are all the features present in Mr Burger items. The other most crucial factor of fast food industry vital for the growth in Pakistan is the quality of food . This factor is specifically crucial to the population targeted by Mr Burger, mainly he middle income group , SEC A and B. to ensure the quality of food the primary thing required to do is get associate with globally recognized quality control and certification companies something like SGS Pakistan which in consumers mind is highly regarded as the most authentic authority in Pakistan. They can then market this affiliation by advertising it so that the consumers know that the food at Mr Burger is most hygienic and has the best quality. The brand could also see to create standard in suppliers of ingredients. They can also see that the workers are thoroughly trained and observed that they maintain high standards . To ensure higher reliability they can alos have the option of open window kitchen which means that the consumers are able to see how the meal is being cooked , the cleanliness in the kitchen and the cleanliness and hygiene of the their stock keeping place . The quality of food can also be improved by deploying quality control measures, it could be assigned to the manger to check the making process of its food on a step to step basis that sees that quality is being maintained . It could also be done that there are criterias of quality set for type of ingredients they use. Experts can suugest the best quality of chicken , bun , cheese etc needed to make the best thing.Mr buger could also introduce its special sauces , one thing that would add variety to its product , highly demanded by its potential customers. Anoher important factor for Mr burger is to maintain its unique selling point of its burgers and food items i.e its juicy and delicious taste as mentioned by the students we interviewed. They could however further enhance it by making burgers that enthrall the juiciness of its meat....
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