Recognise and Deal with Customer Queries

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Recognise and Deal with Customer Queries, Requests and Problems Knowledge and Understanding

6A Who in the organisation is able to give help and information

If I had a problem in my work, I would be able to ask the bodyshop manager as she is experienced in all areas I may need help on.

If I needed advice or information about a problem or service which we offer at Stan Palmer Ford I would go to either the Service Manager or the Parts Manager. If the Service Manager was unable to help I would then speak to someone that could or refer me to look it up online or in a brochure.

6BLimits of what they are allowed to do

I can sort out most of the queries or problems myself; if the problem requires authority from a manager I would speak to my manager and seek authority.

6CWhat professional behaviour is

Professional behaviour is acting responsible in front of other members or staff and customers. Professional behaviour includes not drinking or eating or smoking in front of the customer, also using any abusive language is unacceptable, I must always be polite, respectful and courteous towards our customers.

6D How to Speak to people who are dissatisfied

Firstly it is important to find out why the customer is dissatisfied, I would find out how we let the customer down and what can be done to resolve the problems. I try to speak to the customer calmly and respectively without raising my voice and always look at the customer to show that I am listening, I would also give the customer my name so they know who to ask for if they require any further help in the future.
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