Recipe for a Perfect Party

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Recipe for a Perfect Party

So you need to plan a party. Where do you begin? Party planning involves many steps and is essential to being a good host or hostess. Parties can vary from theme, to size, to guests attending. Three major steps in any perfect party is choosing a date, creating a menu, and setting the atmosphere.

Choosing a date is the first step in planning a party. For example, if you are planning a Christmas party, chances are your guests will have other parties to attend this time of year and you won’t want this to interfere with your party. This is also crucial as you need to make your invitations and RSVP’s to know when your guests will or will not be likely to attend. Ask your potential guests when would be the best time for them. This not only gathers information for your party but also relieves the stress in not knowing how much time you have to prepare, including creating a menu.

The second step in planning a party is choosing and creating a menu. This can tie into the theme or main reason for your party I.e.: Christmas/New Year’s Eve, Birthday, Wedding etc. If your theme is Christmas/New Year’s you may want to go all out and have an expensive menu as opposed to a Birthday party where you may only want to have pot luck. Creating a menu also includes drinks- both hot and cold, desserts and finger foods. Often a key ingredient in parties, drinking allows your guests to socialize and get more acquainted with each other. Make things interesting by having a dessert table served buffet style. You may also want to use this serving style for serving finger foods, or drinks. This way guests can help themselves which may alleviate stress of serving food or beverages at specific times. Such foods/beverages that may be served buffet style may include Do-it-yourself cocktails, fresh fruits and vegetables- suitable for dips, cheese and crackers, or even a chocolate fountain. This is a simple but effective way in making your party a pleasant...
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