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Topics: Responsibility, Individual responsibility, Hotel Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: April 22, 2013
To determine the duties and responsibilities of the receptionist at the Tropical Mansion Suites and their importance to visitor’s satisfaction.

I gained knowledge of how systems work within the hotel and tourism industry when dealing with customers directly as well as the many duties given to the receptionist. Before the interview was conducted, I thought the receptionist was only responsibly for greeting visitors. However, after the interview the importance of having a receptionist who is knowledgeable of their duties as well as polite and well mannered was evident as the receptionist gives visitors the first impression of the quality of service provided by the hotel. This was even more evident when the importance of dress code and mannerism was highlighted when the receptionist was asked about staff rules and health and safety.

Further more it was found that within the hotel industry the phrase, “the customer is always right” is very true. This is also one of the responsibilities of the receptionist to make sure the visitor’s needs are met during their stay at the hotel. Therefore a receptionist needs to be pleasant to visitors at all times to ensure that conflicts are avoided or lessened if possible. It was also found that the hotel can benefit from the reviews given by visitors as the hotel can improve upon the quality and standard of services provided. In addition, the hotel can also benefit from repeat customers once service was of good standard and their stay was made enjoyable. This however will be the responsibility of all staff members rather than just the receptionist. The scope of a receptionist job was under estimated as I did not realize they were also responsible for also escorting guest to their assigned rooms. It was found out that receptionist is responsible for taking orders outside of the vicinity of the hotel to meet visitors request such as island tours, restaurant reservations and other such request visitors may make of them. It was...
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