Receive and store stock essay

Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Storage Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Receive and store stock essay

Receiving is a term that simply means to receive food orders placed with suppliers, and to ensure that they are accurate. When receiving stock one should check the quaintly by counting and weighing all products receiving 50 oranges instead of 100, size and weight by checking packaging size and incorrect brand or product e.g. receiving a 600ml milk instead of a 300ml bottle, quality by checking frozen products are frozen, check use by dates, and freshness by checking quality points to ensure the goods you are receiving are correct. An order form is needed to check the delivery docket is correct which is needed to check that the supplier invoice all adds up.

Storing refers to the way purchases are put away until they are required for the use by the kitchen. Good food storage is reliant on three main factors Sanitation- clean shelving, regular cleaning program, high standards are essential for any food storage. Temperature- correct humidity levels, dry room 12-15, cool room 1-3 and freezer -18. Ventilation- free from dampness, moderate humidity levels and good air circulation. All storage containers need to be labeled with what the product is, date stored, quantity of product and par stock level. When lifting a load to its correct storing area it is important that the correct methods are completed, feet shoulder width apart, bending knees keeping head upright and maintaining the spines natural curves. Correct storage of food will tick of the first part of the haccp plan, as it is stored correctly.

Maintaining stock will ensure success in a hospitality establishment

Cleanliness is vital in maintaining stock as the cleanliness with prevents the spread of bacteria and other diseases.

Stock take is counting all items in the store to keep track of stock movements and establish what the business needs to purchase to bring stores up to set level. This should be done weekly, monthly or yearly to insure...
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