"Recalled to Life" Meaning in a Tale of Two Cities

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The phrase “recalled to life” appears repeatedly throughout the book. This phrase can have different meanings depending on how you understand it. I connected this phrase with a few characters in the book because I thought it had something to do that happened to them at some point in the book.

For Sydney Carton, his “recalled to life” moment or resurrection moment was when he gave up his life for Charles Darnay because of his affection and love towards Lucie Manette. Sydney Carton’s life was troubled because of alcohol and bad choices; he felt like his life was a waste. When telling Lucie that he loved her, he also said that he would do anything she asked him. Even though Lucie did not tell Sydney Carton to drug Charles Darnay and pretend to be Charles, Sydney felt it was the best choice. Sydney Carton also just loved Lucie so much, so if sacrificing his life to make her less sad than she would have been if it was Charles Darnay was the only decision, then he would have done it. By giving up his life he thought he would feel relieved of his stresses and troubles and finally be free of it all. He would have felt resurrected.

For Doctor Manette, his “recalled to life” moment or resurrection time was when Lucie and Dr. Lorry came in the room where he was at to comfort and take him with them. With all those years of solid confinement and not being exposed to the outside world, Doctor Manette had gone mentally ill and disabled. With the help and love of his long lost daughter, Lucie, he was able to recover a more normal mind for periods of time. Lucie was as kind and gentle as she could possibly be when caring for her father. Most people thought it was not possible for Doctor Manette to be fine as he was before, but Lucie sure showed them that it just takes patience. She knew it would take a lot of time and effort but she wanted her father to be well, healthy, and with her.

Another example of someone being “recalled to life” or have a time of...
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