Rebuttal Article

Topics: Critical thinking, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Rebuttal Article

Maureen Kling

July 29, 2013

Business Communications and Critical Thinking

Professor: Donna Perkett

There are many times when a person reads an article and they do not agree with the what the author is stating. Normally this happens because every person has a different perspective on issues. A major issue has been children watching television. It is common for everyone to have a television his or her home. There are many pros and cons of watching television.

According to the article “How TV Affects Your Child”, the first 2 years of a child's life is critical for brain development. It goes on to state that TV can interfere with children interacting with other children which encourages learning and healthy physical and social development. The author believes that advocates are pushing for more educational television, but most feel zero television time is the solution. I do agree with the author when they state that they feel it is important for parents to monitor the content of what a child is watching and limits how much time is spent in front of a television. However, I do not think that no television is the answer. Let's take a look at some pros of television.

Television does contain educational shows. According to Palmer, television is a way that people are educating their children. Preschoolers and young children can learn many things from channels like Nick Jr. From my personal experience, I have worked with children who have watch educational shows like Dora and Mickey Mouse Club House. The children that have watched these shows can communicate better, know the alphabet, knows the colors, knows the shapes, knows animals, and much much. I have found that children who have not watched these educational shows are behind the other children. Now let's look at the consequences of watching too much television.

Everything in life will have a good and a bad consequence. According to “How TV Affects Your...
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