Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Gay Marriage. It’s a controversial issue. There is much debate here in Australia on the issue and we constantly hear discussions, new reports and arguments on the subject. Australia plays host to one of the biggest gay and lesbian carnivals in the world, held in Sydney, every year bringing the issue to the fore in every media outlet in the country. The opinions are varied on the subject and often get treated with much emotion and passion, by both sides of the argument. I too, have an opinion. It’s parallel to the views laid out in the very foundations of my Christian faith.

I am a pastor of 17 years. I have studied the word of God, theologically, spiritually, and practically throughout the years and I fail to see how same-sex marriage is acceptable, full stop. Marriage is, as I believe it, the union of a man and a woman as clearly stated in the Bible, the central point of my faith. For me, the bible is absolute truth, therefore the principals and lessons contained within its pages do not change according to popular culture or do they conform to the pressures of the current age. They are truth. They are absolutes.

In the article, “it’s time to allow gay marriage in Australia”, David Penberthy clearly is advocating that marriage is the same between gay people as it is between a man and a woman, he even goes on to make the statement, “I don’t see how allowing same-sex couples to get married hurts anyone else.” (Penberthy, 2012) In essence his statement is true, it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it is entirely self-centered and self motivated. His very words reiterate the nature of gay marriage. It’s about rights, not really about love or commitment.

Further on in the article he asks this question: “And what about kids raised by gay people? They deserve the stability that comes with marriage, just like all Aussie kids.” (Penberthy, 2012) In part this statement is true as well. Children do need stability within a family. That is not in question. The issues that...
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