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REBT stands for rational emotional thinking. According to (Smart Recovery) REBT is a method used to solve problems. It is said that individuals attitudes and beliefs about life affect their day to day activities. REBT is extremely popular because it is easy to understand and it helps individuals cope with problems( Smart Recovery). The REBT has a cycle called the vicious cycle of irrational thinking In the cycle their are four steps that describe the irrational way individuals think, the four steps are low-frustation tolerance , self pity, demandingness, and awfulizing( Smart Recovery). Low-frustration tolerance occurs when a person is not able to deal with pressure properly. Self-pity is when a person begins to feel bad for themselves. Demandingness occurs when an individual feels entitled to a certain aspect of life, they feel that they deserve more. Awfulizing occurs when a person thinks negatively. REBT has twelve irrational beliefs. The first belief is that humans need to be loved. The second belief is that certain acts are bad, and people who perform bad acts hold be punished. The third idea is that situations are viewed as bad when people do not get their way. The fourth idea is that humans suffer because of others, not because of their own doing. The firth idea is that is we are afraid of something we must constantly obsess about it. The sixth idea states that it is easier to avoid difficult situations insead of facing them. The seventh idea is that humans need something greater than themselves to rely on.The eight idea is that we should all be intelligent. The ninth idea is that if something affected our life it should always affect out lives. The tenth idea is that We must control things. The eleventh idea states that happiness can be achieved by making no effort. The twelfth idea is that we have no control over our emotions( Stress Group).

The twelfth idea which states we have no control over our emotions is bring insight to how individuals view...
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